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Scrapy 0.12 released

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By the one and only
January 3, 2011

Hello everyone, we’re pleased to announce the release of Scrapy 0.12!

This release is based on the last development branch, aka. Scrapy 0.11.

Starting from this release, we’ll be following the odd-even versioning scheme. That means trunk is now Scrapy 0.13 and will became Scrapy 0.14 on next release.

Notable changes of this release:

  • many Scrapyd changes, including running one spider per process and a minimal web interface
  • lxml is now supported as an alternative xpath selectors backend to libxml2, which should make installing Scrapy on Mac as easy as: easy_install -U Scrapy
  • added project data storage directory
  • changed parameters of item_passed signal
  • new deploy command to deploy your project in Scrapyd server
  • change in semantics of HTTP cache middleware options – check the documentation
  • many bug fixes

For a more detailed list of changes, check the Scrapy 0.12 Release Notes.

Written by Kevin McKinless
Web scraping specialist with over 10 years experience. An expert in Python and Rocket League. Join me on social media and we can talk all things Data Extraction.
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