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Scrapy 0.14 released

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By the one and only
November 18, 2011

After 10 months of work, and many changes, we are pleased to announce the release of Scrapy 0.14.

For a detailed list of changes see the release notes.

We expect this one to be the last release in the Scrapy 0.x series, and we are aiming for Scrapy 0.15 to become 1.0 sometime around the first quarter of 2012, where we may consider adopting semantic versioning (semver.org).

You may have also noticed that the source code, wiki and issues have been moved to Github and the documentation to readthedocs. Here are the new official links:

Source code, issues & wiki:
Documentation (all versions):

Happy scraping!

Written by Kevin McKinless
Web scraping specialist with over 10 years experience. An expert in Python and Rocket League. Join me on social media and we can talk all things Data Extraction.
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