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Bring new products to life with the power of web data extraction

Building world class products

Bring new products to life with the power of web data extraction

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In building a top class aggregator product companies need accurate reliable data from a variety of sources.

As most websites have their own specific layout you need a solution that can give structure data that can be easily integrated into your product. Plus you can decide the frequency of updates so you always have the most precise data.

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building a product using web data

Training data for AI/ML product

Machine learning models depend on data. Without access to high quality training data your machine learning models can be rendered useless.

Web scraped data can provide you with structured data sets for your project team to work with. This approach allows you to specify the type of data you need, rather than trying to work with generic datasets.

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make products using data

Providing BI as a Service

If you're providing a service around delivering key data insights for companies you need to ensure the data you're using is of the highest quality.

Get access to consistently high quality web data for your insights tool or service including - market research, pricing intelligence, product placement, brand monitoring, influencer, sentiment and news analysis. The opportunities are unlimited.

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business intelligence with web data
Why us

Data knowledge, expertise, quality, and compliance

Flexible web scraping solutions for data-driven products

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Data extraction is just one little piece of the whole product development process. However when scaling your web scraping needs, layouts change, web spiders break and managing proxies internally can all be time-consuming. 

Our solution can scale as you grow. We can match your internal SLAs, plus provide a dedicated project manager and team, who will work in an agile approach giving you the flexibility and reliability you need in a data partner.

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years industry experience

Navigating compliance for web scraped data

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Staying compliant is more important than ever in today’s data-driven world. Knowing the types of data you can extract for your price intelligence projects is important. Our legal team are considered the industry experts on regulatory compliance across GDPR and data protection laws for web scraped data.

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projects assessed legally

Keeping your data pipeline healthy

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A healthy data pipeline for your product is a critical part of having a successful solution in market. Without proper web scraping expertise, it’s hard to ensure high data quality.

Our Data Quality Assurance process reviews all your data to help identify inconsistencies, inaccuracies or other abnormalities including manual, semi-automated and automated testing.

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pages extracted per month
We know web data

Trusted by leading brands

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Delivery in various formats

Web data, anyway you want it

You decide how you want the data delivered - whether it's a once-off project or you need it on-going. We offer many delivery types and formats such as FTP, SFTP, AWS S3, Google Cloud Storage, Email, Dropbox and Google Drive plus formats such as CSV, JSON, JSONLines or XML.

Transparent costs

Smart pricing for enterprises, start-ups and scale-ups

Data Services

per month*
Data subscription or custom project
Project manager
Data delivered hourly, daily, weekly or monthly
Proven QA methodology
Standardized or bespoke data schemas
Legal and GDPR compliance review
Data coverage guaranteed
Sample data available
24/5 dedicated support
Enterprise solutions available
*Set-up costs not included

Automatic Extraction

per 100k requests per month
Up to 500K requests per month*
HTTP API with access to multiple data types
40+ languages supported
Parallel crawling
Automated smart crawler
Automatic IP rotation & anti-ban built-in
Simple crawl scheduling
Deliver data to S3 or download it from the platform
Easy to use dashboard
24/5 support
For more than 500k requests per month - 
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Build data pipelines with confidence

Feel like we struck gold with Zyte’s News Data API. Zyte  has provided us with over 10 million articles for our technology to process. The data is there, constant and reliable. Collaboration with Zyte has been easy and support was always there throughout our journey.

Ru Hickson - Data Engineer at Kinzen

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