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Social media and news data extraction: Here's how to do it right

Is your data feed optimized and legally compliant?

Join us to find out

Social media and news data can provide countless insights and open doors for companies to analyze brand awareness, product launches, sentiment research, keyword trends, and much more.

Developing a data feed that is high quality, reliable, and fits seamlessly into your system starts with extracting the optimum data fields.

In this webinar, our Data Product Manager, James Kehoe, and Chief Legal Officer, Sanaea Daruwalla will share their tips on building a data feed that just works!

It all starts with the 2 main pillars - Schemas Compliance.

Watch this webinar to learn about:

  • Develop your social media & news data schemas
  • Improve coverage and discover important data fields you should scrape
  • Understand the legal considerations of scraping social media & news data

Talk to our experts about your social media and news data extraction needs.


James Kehoe
Product Manager, Zyte Data
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