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How web scraping can revolutionize data collection

Presented by:
Cathal Garvey
webinar duration
70 mins
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In this webinar

As the technology behind web scraping has evolved, we have made advancements to our solutions that have helped our customers extract web data to innovate and grow their businesses.

In this webinar, our Solution Architect, Cathal Garvey, will talk about these advancements and how they are helping our customers from a range of different industries, as well as give an overview of web scraping today, and what the future holds.

What you will learn in this webinar:

  • The changing web scraping landscape and how it fits in with the data collection processes of our customers.
  • The latest legal and GDPR updates with web scraping.
  • The types of solutions that we can help with including product data, price intelligence, market research, lead generation, and more


Cathal Garvey
Solution Architect with Zyte

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