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Web scraping revolution: No more spiders

Presented by:
Wayne Speight
webinar duration
45 mins
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Webinar: What’s the secret to extracting web data at scale pain free?

In this presentation, our Product Manager, Wayne Speight, will take a deep dive into how to leverage web data for business impact and quick decision-making. He’ll share actionable steps entrepreneurs can take to master web extraction at scale and enable your development team to boost the speed of deployment.

You will get introduced to a new, automatic way of extracting web data that takes out a lot of the grunt work from setting up a scraping tool.

In this free webinar you will discover:

  • AI-enabled Automatic Extraction to unleash the power of web data
  • Instant access to news and product data without writing code
  • How you can use data extraction to gain competitive advantage
  • How to get started with extraction without having to worry about web scraping
  • Practical tips to overcome the challenge of extracting data at scale
  • Product demo

If you're just starting out looking into web scraping or data extraction, then this webinar is for you. If you're fed up getting banned, fighting with proxies, or writing code for spiders, this is also for you.


Wayne Speight
Automatic Extraction Guru

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