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Measuring product data extraction quality against the competition

Presented by:
Konstantin Lopukhin
webinar duration
45 mins
On demand
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Konstantin Lopukhin, Zyte's Head of Data Science, is an expert in improving the data quality of Automatic Extraction, which allows, among others, the extraction of products from any website. He collaborates with the Data Science team, developing state of the art models and algorithms for web data extraction, improving datasets, and methods of quality assessment.

In this webinar, he will take you on his journey of measuring our own product data extraction quality against the competition. He defines how the dataset was collected, describes the criteria used to evaluate a high-quality extraction, and what conclusions he takes from it. The goal was to stress-test our own Automatic Extraction API against well-known benchmarks.

In this free webinar you will discover:

  • How do we define product data extraction
  • Why do we measure data quality
  • How do we measure data quality
  • What are the results and conclusions
  • And much more…


Konstantin Lopukhin
Data Quality Guru

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