Collect and Structure Web Data to Feed AI

AI and machine learning applications often need large amounts of quality data, and web data extraction is a fast, efficient way to build automatically annotated data sets.

An AI Solution to an AI problem

When you need to convert thousands, if not millions of websites into machine readable data, that kind of scale presents unique challenges that Zyte is designed to help you overcome.

Zyte API and Automatic Extraction can help you accelerate and improve the process of adding labels to training data.

Convert any http based content into a structured database

The web is the largest source of semi-structured data ever created. Converting web pages and other internal page sources into annotated/labeled data can deliver the data needed to train AI models.

But it’s hard.

Building data sets at scale presents challenges

  • Web pages and documents are formatted for humans, not machines, and need to be parsed to convert pages into machine readable data.

  • The web is massive, and scale makes most manual processes unfeasible.

  • The technical infrastructure and knowledge needed to gather data is hard to build, and hard to find.

  • The legal landscape is far from simple.

  • Manually writing and maintaining code to parse millions of semi-structured pages is prohibitively expensive.

  • Ethical sourcing of data comes with its own technical, compliance and legal challenges.

How does our AI solve scraping challenges?

Use our Ban Handling Infrastructure

Trial and error configuration of infrastructure you’ve stitched together from 5 different tools and services won’t work at scale.

Zyte API detects the unique needs of any site you want to extract data from, and automatically uses the correct mix of tools and tech from our backend to avoid bans cost efficiently at scale.

Use our AI to parse pages and structure data

No more need to write parsing code for every single website page template one by one.

Use our computer vision powered solution to automatically parse common data types such as ecommerce products and articles.

In-house vs Outsourcing

Whether you want to use our tools in-house, or whether you want a full-time partner to outsource to - or something in between -  we’re happy to help guide and support you every step of the way. We have a long history of supporting data driven companies that drive innovation.

“Even with the best technology in the world, it’s good to get expert help and training from an experienced team who does this every day at a massive scale.”

In-house vs Outsourced

In-house teams

For teams who want to build web data extraction systems in-house on top of our technology, Zyte API is fully documented, and 24/7 technical support is available to all customers. We also offer enchanced support with expertise in scaling for enterprise customers.

  • Nuanced expertise in large scale scraping is hard to come by.

  • The legal and compliance knowledge is even harder to come by.

  • Knowledge is not openly shared and anti-bot solutions are black boxes that constantly evolve by design.

Checkout our Zyte API and Enterprise options

Outsourcing Data collection

Don’t want the stress of collecting the data in-house, and just want the data? Zyte Data has been supplying some of the leading AI companies with data for years.


  • We’re experts in using Zyte API efficiently at scale.

  • Our economies of scale work in your favor.

  • We help you with tech, compliance expertise, and delivery.

Find out more about getting web data at scale for AI, talk to us.

Zyte API: Enterprise

When data collection is too important to outsource, but laws, bans and proxies still keep you up at night. We have the perfect solution for you.

Technology + Expertise = Zyte API Enterprise.