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Major sources of social media data covered

Social media platforms

Social Media is a global phenomenon and part of everyday life for billions of people, so many people are interested in accessing that data at scale.
From sentiment analysis to brand monitoring, social media data can help you access a treasure trove of insights.

Specialist forums and group websites

Social media isn’t limited to the usual suspects, as many industries and groups have their own niche websites to gather and share content.
If there is an industry or groups of enthusiasts, there will be several places where people gather to share ideas and content.
Extracting data from these social media websites can help inform your business strategy and decision-making.

Examples of Social Groups






Legal Community


Film And Book Lovers

Collectible Traders


The best way to collect web data from social media

Let us do it for you

Our team of developers already extract data from the most popular social media platforms. They can offer the data you need in a standardized schema that will make your life easier and save you time and money. Only available for public data - no PII data or behind-login

Do it yourself

The ultimate web scraping API, designed to automatically avoid bans across social media platforms in the most cost-effective way possible saving you time and money on your social media scrapers.

How will you use social media data?

Discover social trends/ topics

Analyze social media data to identify the trends and topics that shape the discourse on a given platform or over the web.

Brand monitoring

Track keywords, topics and trends as they evolve across multiple social media platforms. Protect your brand or spot opportunities to grow it on social media.

Fighting disinformation

To fight disinformation, before you can fight it you need to know what is being shared when and where.

Reputation management

Monitoring social media channels for negative comments or reviews helps you to find issues early and respond appropriately to protect your reputation.

Discover business locations and Information

Increasingly many small businesses use social media platforms as their website, listing their information for users to discover. These pages are a part of the bigger picture of business data.

Measure sentiment around topics, products and news

People constantly give their opinion about products, topics and news every day. People often discuss recommendations, reviews, and reactions to content. You can use this information to grow your business by understanding your market and audience place better.

Enterprise Ready

If you are doing social media scraping at high volumes or need a data partner, Zyte Enterprise gives you the expertise, processes and technology that guarantees success. 

Our dedicated customer success managers partner with your team to ensure best-in-class advice and web scraping results - guaranteeing quality and performance with 24/7 monitoring and support.

Keep up-to-date with trends in web data extraction


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Leveling-up market research with web scraping
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Empowering analysis with online public sentiment data
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Frequently asked questions

Is Zyte the same as Scrapinghub?

Different name. Same company. And with the same passion to deliver the world’s best data extraction service to our customers. We’ve changed our name to show that we’re about more than just web scraping tool. In a changing world Zyte is right at the cutting edge of delivering powerful, easy to use solutions that help our customers stay ahead in today’s fast-moving, data-driven world.

How will I receive my data, and in what format?

We offer many delivery types including FTP, SFTP, AWS S3, Google Cloud storage, email, Dropbox and Google Drive. Formats for delivery can be CSV, JSON, JSONLines or XML. We’ll work with you to determine what’s best for your project. And we’re always pleased to discuss other custom delivery or format requirements should you need them.

What data can you provide me?

We have the technical capability to extract any website data. However, there are legal considerations that must be adhered to with every project, including scraping behind a login as well as compliance with Terms and Conditions, privacy, and copyright laws. When you submit your project request our solution architects and legal team will pinpoint any potential concerns in extracting data from websites and ensure that we follow web scraping best practices.

How will you manage my data project?

After you’ve submitted your project request, a member of our solution architecture team will quickly get in touch to set up a project discovery call. They’ll explore your requirements of data extraction from websites in detail and gather the information they need, including:

  • What site[s] do you want to crawl?

  • What data do you need to extract?

  • What’s the scale of your scraping requirement?

  • Does your data need transformation?

  • What integrations are needed?

Once our architects know your requirements to extract data from webpages, they’ll propose the optimal solution - usually within a couple days - for your approval.

How do you ensure quality of the data?

We specialize in data extraction solutions for projects with mission critical business requirements. And that means our top priority is always delivering high quality accurate data to our clients. To achieve this we’ve implemented a four-layer Data Quality Assurance process that continuously monitors the health of our crawls and the quality of the extracted data. This reviews all your data to identify inconsistencies, inaccuracies or other abnormalities including manual, semi-automated and automated testing.

What support do you offer?

We offer all our customers no-cost support on coverage issues, missed deliveries and minor site changes. If there’s a larger website data extraction change that requires a complete spider overhaul this may incur an additional cost.

Can I try Zyte before buying?

Yes, if we have sample data available for the source you want to be scraped. If it’s a new source we haven’t crawled before we will share sample data with you following development kick-off. This occurs post purchasing. For product or news & article data, you can free trial our Automatic Extraction product via an easy-to-use user interface.
Talk to us about your requirements

How can Zyte help me extract website content?

Zyte’s Data Extraction services is an end-to-end solution that can help you with web content extraction. It’s the most hassle-free way to get clean structured data; quickly and accurately. But if you’re looking for a DIY option, Zyte offers web data extraction tools to make your job easier.

What is meant by data extraction?

Data extraction is described as the automated process of obtaining information from a source like a web page, document, file or image. This extracted information is typically stored and structured to allow further processing and analysis.
Extracting data from Internet websites - or a single web page - is often referred to as web scraping. This can be performed manually by a person cutting and pasting content from individual web pages. This is likely to be time-consuming and error-prone for all but the smallest projects.
Hence, data extracting is typically performed by some kind of data extractor - a software application that automatically fetches and extracts data from a web page (or a set of pages) and delivers this information in a neatly formatted structure. This is most likely a spreadsheet or some kind of machine-readable data exchange format such as JSON or XML. This extracted data can then be used for other purposes, either displayed to humans via some kind of user interface or processed by another program.

Why is data extraction important?

There’s a vast amount of information out there on the Internet. Extracting and aggregating data from public-domain websites and other digital sources - also known as web data scraping - can give you a significant business edge over your competitors.
Data extracting generates insights that can help companies analyze the performance of a particular product in the marketplace, track customer sentiments expressed in online reviews, monitor the health of your brand, generate leads, or compare price information across different marketplaces.
It also gives researchers a powerful tool to study the performance of financial markets and individual companies, guide investment decisions and shape new products.
There are many non-financial uses for data extraction, such as scraping news websites to monitor the quality and accuracy of stories or to monitor trends in reporting. It’s also used to obtain information from public institutions, for example, to track contract awards and hence investigate possible corruption.
Data extraction can significantly streamline the process of getting accurate information from other websites that your own organization needs to survive and thrive.

What is a data extraction example?

There’s a vast range of applications and use cases for website data scraping. One popular example where data extraction is widely used comes from the world of retail and e-commerce. It’s an invaluable tool for competitor price monitoring, allowing companies – and market researchers – to monitor the pricing of rivals’ products and services. Manually tracking competitors’ prices that may change on a daily basis isn’t practical - especially if you’re monitoring the pricing of hundreds or thousands of different products. A data scraping tool automates this process, scraping pricing data from e-marketplaces and competitors’ websites quickly and reliably.