Supercharge your data team.

Truly the best tool for unlocking websites – we guarantee:

  • Highest success rate

  • Lowest response times

  • Lowest total cost of ownership

  • Highest compliance standards built-in

Introducing Zyte API Enterprise

Our Technology - Zyte API

Our web scraping software uniquely and directly tackles the most fundamental problems common to all data projects.

  • Break the cycle of build, break, fix, ban, unblock

  • Automate maintenance and unblock scripts

  • Add new data sources in hours not days

Our Consultancy - Zyte Expertise

Partner with the global pioneers of web scraping. 12+ years of web scraping experience and legal expertise. 

  • Engage in developer-to-developer consultancy

  • Receive hands-on training and strategic insight

  • Dedicated support team with premium SLAs

Book a chat with our team to explore your data needs

Talk to one of our web scraping experts about setting up an Enterprise Free Trial.

Your no-pressure discovery call will include: 

  • If you qualify for an Enterprise Trial with a $100 Free Credit

  • Customised quote for your business case

  • Access to Enterprise volume-based discounts

Zyte API

Independently proven best solution for bans

Independent reviewer Proxyway found Zyte API outperforming all leading vendors in every vital category - success rate, speed and cost.

Your One-Two Punch

Zyte API

A single API to solve the 'build, break, fix, ban' problem
Automate the fixing of scrapers and free up your developers’ time.

  • One powerful API to access all websites

  • Reach, reliability and simplicity built in

  • Per-site pricing that just makes sense

Zyte Expertise

Developer to Developer consultation for top challenges
On demand packages by a team of Zyte web scraping experts. 12+ years of experience delivering 13bn pages a month.

  • Building your web scraping tech stack

  • Optimizing your web scraping

  • Scaling your web scraping operations

  • Best in class approach to data quality

Zyte API Enterprise Packages include:

  • Zyte API subscription & strategy

  • Dedicated customer success manager

  • Volume-based discounts

  • Frequent health checks

  • Guided expert onboarding

  • Dedicate compliance expert

  • Compliance assessment

  • 24/7 support with <1-hour response time

Why Zyte API Enterprise for your business?

Dedicated support

Our dedicated customer success managers partner with your team to ensure best-in-class advice and web scraping results - guaranteeing quality and performance with 24/7 monitoring and support.

Depth of expertise

Our CEO Shane Evans is one of the early pioneers and creators of web scraping plus Sanaea Daruwalla, Chief Legal Officer is recognised as one of the global leading minds on ethical data scraping.

Data extraction at scale

Because we collect 13 Billion data points a month there is no problem we haven’t encountered and solved. We have the technology and expertise to scale your data extraction projects.

Hear from our customers

Zyte’s partnership has been essential in advancing modern investigations of human trafficking. Online data can corroborate the testimony of victims, strengthening their case. Zyte’s work has been used as evidence in the investigation and prosecution of violent offenders who exploit vulnerable people for profit.