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Zyte API

One powerful API to access all websites 
Per-site pricing that just makes sense

What is Zyte API?

Next generation website access solution
Web scraping has transformed in difficulty as defensive tools which websites deploy and which block access have made a step-change in sophistication. Familiar approaches of rotating proxy IPs are no longer enough.
Uncertainty eliminated and problem solving simplified
How many hours do you spend trying to figure out what solution you need to deploy to allow you to access the data you need - it's a nightmare right! Different types of proxies, retries, headless browsers... the list is long and complex.
Pricing that tightly matches the websites you need
We know not all websites require the same effort to extract data. Our pricing structures matches the difficulty of the sites you are targeting making it cheaper for easy sites and more expensive for harder sites. See in advance how much the sites you need will cost and set budget to control spend.

You're in safe hands

Data extraction leaders:
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Delivery at scale:
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Quality and reliability:
Record validation:
validated per day

Don't just take our word for it

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Getting Started

Use this handy tutorial to get started with Zyte API in minutes. 
See tutorial
curl \
    --user YOUR_API_KEY: \
    --header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
    --data '{"url": "https://toscrape.com", "httpResponseBody": true}' \
    --compressed \
from base64 import b64decode

import requests

api_response = requests.post(
    auth=('YOUR_API_KEY', ''),
        'url': 'https://toscrape.com',
        'httpResponseBody': True,
http_response_body: bytes = b64decode(

# Prerequisite: install scrapy-zyte-api and configure it in transparent mode
# https://github.com/scrapy-plugins/scrapy-zyte-api

from scrapy import Spider

class ToScrapeSpider(Spider):
    name = "toscrape_com"
    start_urls = ["https://toscrape.com"]

    def parse(self, response):
        http_response_text: str = response.text
const axios = require('axios')

      url: 'https://toscrape.com',
      httpResponseBody: true
      auth: { username: 'YOUR_API_KEY' }
  ).then((response) => {
    const httpResponseBody = Buffer.from(

$client = new GuzzleHttp\Client();
$response = $client->request('POST', 'https://api.zyte.com/v1/extract', [
    'auth' => ['YOUR_API_KEY', ''],
    'headers' => ['Accept-Encoding' => 'gzip'],
    'json' => [
        'url' => 'https://toscrape.com',
        'httpResponseBody' => true,
$data = json_decode($response->getBody());
$http_response_body = base64_decode($data->httpResponseBody);

Why use Zyte API for your business?

Reach websites that proxy management alone cannot with our sophisticated API. It automates the best techniques to access quality data from any website without getting blocked.
One simple tool for all your anti-ban needs. Per site pricing gives you the most cost effective solution - simple sites to complex. No more guesswork or needing multiple solutions.
It just works. Zyte API does the hard work for you - it takes responsibility for applying the right technology for the right anti-ban. It takes all the difficulty away, allowing your developers to focus on being developers.
Take your data extraction to enterprise level
Zyte API Enterprise scales data extraction with our dedicated infrastructure, your own account team and priority support with stronger SLAs you can meet the biggest challenges.

What is included in Zyte API?

Automatic proxy
rotation & retries
Replacement of blocked IPs or retries is automated to ensure the highest success rates - no more wasted time manually managing your IPs
Smart ban detection
Built-in solution for an extensive, ever-growing database of known site bans for automatic ban detection
Extensive geographical datacenter proxy coverage plus intelligent selection of the best proxy type needed - no more wasted costs on residential IPs
Cookie jar
Increase efficiency and save configurations such as location (country, city, zip, store id) for reuse in multiple requests
Session support
Support for same proxy sessions, routing of requests through the same IP and browser profile
Scriptable browser
Built in scriptable browser support so you no longer need to integrate it into your code - leverage standard libraries created by Zyte experts
Captures screenshots for quality assurance, page evolution monitoring or product placement
Lets you test and troubleshoot Zyte API parameters, actions and scripts prior to deploying


What is API scraping?

Data scraping APIs are web services that support the automated retrieval of content from other web pages, quickly and at scale. A data scraping API can make it quicker and easier for developers to build web data extraction applications, with less coding from scratch.

There are various free and paid-for data scraping APIs out there, varying in their functionality, ease of use, and value for money. Some APIs can deal with sites that incorporate anti-scraping measures. Data scraping APIs also vary in the format they deliver their results to the user: these can be in HTML, JSON, plain text, or JPEG images.

What does web scraping mean for business?

Organizations use web scraping services to access a vast range of information that’s out there on the Internet.

From a business perspective, web scraping services automate the process of extracting valuable data from other websites quickly, reliably, legitimately and at scale. What’s more, scraping services ensure that the data organizations need is delivered in a convenient structure for easy retrieval, processing and analysis.

The data provided by web scraping services plays a crucial role in helping businesses understand their competitive landscape, tune in to customers’ sentiments, identify new commercial opportunities and guide better decision making.

Scraping services can be used to extract information from a huge array of online sources in the public domain. These range from news articles, blogs and customer reviews to e-commerce websites, academic libraries, job postings, company reports and entertainment platforms. Web scraping can also unearth a rich seam of ‘alternative data’ that helps financial organizations tailor new products and services to meet their customers’ needs.

Web data extraction companies like Zyte offer a range of scraping services to help organizations access clean, dependable data that reveals actionable insights and fuels sustainable business growth.

Is it legal to use an API to scrape?

Using an API to scrape data from public websites is not inherently illegal. However, many APIs require that you sign up and agree to the site’s Terms of Service. These Terms of Service may place legal limitations on how you access, use, and share the data so it is important that you carefully read them before agreeing.

I already have a proxy solution, why would I use Zyte API?

Depending on your needs and the websites your are trying to scrape, managing your own proxies might be doable but at Zyte we know that this is mostly not the case - it is very time consuming to not only write your spiders, but also get past bans. Websites nowadays employ increasingly more sophisticated technology to keep bots out and it is a joggle of multiple software solutions and vendors to keep up. With Zyte API we do all this for you, it's a single solution that allows you to focus on the core of your business. We have built in proxy selection and management, you can manage cookies and sessions, and we even have a scriptable browser built in. To top it off, we have built an easy to use interface that allows you to quickly debug, test, and deploy. All in all, giving you back many hours each week, if not each day.

I don't have coding skills, can I use Zyte API to get data from the web?

Zyte API offers an easy to use codeless interface that you can use to get the HTML and screenshot of single pages. If you are looking to scrape the web at scale, you'll need to use our REST API. Alternatively, you can make use of our Data Delivery Services, or stay tuned as we are working on releasing the next version of Zyte API soon which will allow you to scrape at scale entirely codeless.

How do I know if Zyte API is right for my business?

You can kick-off free of charge using our interface that allows you to send requests to your target sites and see what response you get back. This will include a screenshot and the HTML. The next step is to integrate with our REST API and scale up. We offer a $5 credit that you can use to try out Zyte API without commitment.
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