Zyte API

Access and extract data from websites with one API that is uniquely priced per website.

The only API you'll ever need

Zyte API enables you to extract data from websites of all complexity levels automatically, using only the leanest tech to handle bans.

  • Get data faster and more efficiently

  • Automate manual work, and massively reduce maintenance

  • Unlock new levels of speed, scale and data quality

Zyte API does the the Heavy Lifting for you

Handle bans

Zyte API handles bans for you using advanced unblocking technology. It will manage different kinds of proxies and browsers, selecting the leanest configuration for the websites you access.

Extract data

Skip the hassle of creating manual parsing code for common data types. Our patented AI-powered solution automatically extracts structured data for you at unlimited scale.

Render pages

Render pages and interact with websites using a built-in headless browser, or use the ‘browserless mode’ when accessing websites you don’t need to render.

Automate browser actions

Interact with pages to get the data you need. Zyte API gives you access to a scriptable headless browser with a custom IDE to code and debug with a pre-made collection of actions such as click, scroll, wait, and type all built in.

Generate screenshots

Zyte API can generate a full page or a viewport screenshot of the website. Plus when using automated browser actions Screenshots will only be generated after the action has been executed.

Manage sessions and cookies

Some websites use cookies to track sessions and user preferences like language, address. Zyte API allows users to manage sessions to handle advanced use cases.

Report on and analyze usage

Get a 360 overview of all your API usage and financial data in a dashboard that gives you all the data you need to be confident in your projects, and to plan for the future. 

Tools and Integrations to help

API Explorer

When you want to quickly test new websites, different configs, or see pricing for a specific website ASAP. The API explorer feature is a web based dashboard that lets you visually explore and test queries without writing any code. Learn more about the Testing UI in Zyte API

Zyte IDE (Dev Tools)

Streamline the process of creating complex workflows and enacting them with a headless browser. 

The Zyte API IDE allows developers to quickly test and verify the effectiveness of their code in-depth and ensure its working as intended.

Make Scrapy 10x more Powerful

We’re the original authors of scrapy.org, so Zyte API has deep integrations to make life easy for Scrapy developers adopting Zyte API to extend Scrapy’s already amazing features. 

Support and Enhanced SLAs

Submit a ticket via a dashboard and get a first response within 1 hour* as standard on weekdays, and within 8 hours on a weekend.

  • 1 hour ticket response time

  • 8 hour ticket response time on weekends

  • Enhanced SLAs available for Zyte API Enterprise customers

* Issue resolution times vary depending on backend providers’ turnaround time.

Getting Started

Use this handy tutorial to get started with Zyte API in minutes. 

Zyte API Pricing

Our per-site pricing means you can use one automated tool for every type of website. Example pricing based 1,000 successful requests and subscription of $100 per month.  

Website TierIP types usedComputePrice per 1k requests (HTTP Response)Price per 1k requests (Rendered HTML)Price per 1k requests (Extracted)


Data centre Proxies

Zyte API: Enterprise

When data collection is too important to outsource, but laws, bans and proxies still keep you up at night. We have the perfect solution for you.

Technology + Expertise = Zyte API Enterprise.

You're in safe hands

Data extraction leaders:12yrs+
web scraping experience
Delivery at scale:13Bn
web pages unlocked monthly
Quality and reliability:99.9%
data accuracy
Record validation:10M
records validated per day
Don't just take our word for it

Now we can actually focus on improving our own service instead of worrying about getting the data.

Jaco van Wyk

Feel like we struck gold with Zyte. Zyte has provided us with over 10 million articles for our technology to process. The data is there, constant and reliable. Collaboration with Zyte has been easy and support was always there throughout our journey.

Data Engineer at Kinzen

Without Zyte we simply wouldn’t be able to do what we do.

CTO at DebunkEU.org

Zyte was able to offer the most simple and effective solution for us. It just works.

CEO at Liwango

Without Zyte we would need to waste time writing custom scrapers for each website. Zyte saves a lot of time for us.

CEO at Adlede

Without Zyte our business is not successful.

Co-founder of Bridge Below