Smart Proxy Manager

Our rotating proxy service manages hundreds of thousands of proxies, so you don't have to

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Go beyond standard proxy management

We recommend our new product Zyte API if you need to go beyond standard proxy management and don’t need a proxy interface. Zyte API can use different kinds of proxies and browser configurations when needed to automatically extract data from any website.

What is Smart Proxy Manager?

When extracting web data at scale using proxy management is critical to avoid getting banned or blocked. Smart Proxy Manager automatically selects the best proxies to keep your crawl healthy. It handles retries and applies rotation and fingerprinting logic to maximize your success rate.

The world's preeminent rotating proxy network ensures your web data is delivered quickly and reliably. You don’t need your own proxies. We manage thousands of proxies on your behalf.

Smart Proxy Manager features

Automatic proxy rotation

Automated retries and replacement of blocked IPs ensure the highest success rates


Extensive datacenter proxy coverage for over 50 countries

Mimic real browser

Use browser profiles to appear like different browsers and TLS fingerprints to minimize bans, optionally overriding them with your own.

Automatic retries

Handles retries on your blocked requests to maximise success rates

Residential IPs

Residential access available for the most difficult sites.

Headless browser support

Integrate your headless browser scraping tool easily with our client libraries for Puppeteer, Playwright, and Selenium.

Ban detection

Built-in, extensive, ever-growing database of bans for automatic ban detection.

Session support

Manage your own sessions so you can send multiple requests through the same IP.

Powerful insights

Visualize the performance of your crawler in a dashboard. Get reports and improvement recommendations.

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With Smart Proxy Manager you only pay for successful requests delivered.

Built for developers by developers

Integrations with Smart Proxy Manager

Smart Proxy Manager gives developers the power to turn their ideas into reality. Fast. Follow our guide to getting started.

Our simple back-connecting API integrates seamlessly into your tech stack, taking the hassle out of proxy management and freeing up valuable coding time. So you can focus on delivering more value from web data.

The industry-leading rotating proxy service

12 yrs
web scraping experience
pages extracted monthly
records validated per day
success rate

Smart Proxy Manager - Access to Residential IPs

Besides our datacenter proxies, Zyte offers residential proxies in Zyte API for geo-blocked websites.

Smart Proxy Manager prices

Get on board with our great value Starter and Basic plans. Upgrade as your needs grow.






/ month

What's included?






/ month

What's included?

Most popular





/ month

What's included?






/ month

What's included?

What is included?

Additional requests$10 per 10k$49 per 100k$149 per 1mCustom
Concurrent requests5050200Custom
Residential IPsAdd-onAdd-onAdd-onYes
IP whitelisting---Custom
Dedicated account manager---Custom
Proxy location---Yes
Crawling time-window----
Personalized onboarding---Yes
Guaranteed capacity---Yes

All packages come with...

  • 24/7 support

  • 10% discount on annual plans

  • Automatic proxy rotation

  • Automatic retries

  • Automatic proxy optimization

  • Support and sessions support

  • Geolocation

  • Identify as web browser

  • Reporting and visualizations

  • Docs and knowledge base

  • Support and sessions support

  • Headless browser support

  • Cookie management

  • Configurable browser profiles

  • Non-obvious ban detection

  • Residential IPs (add-on)

Zyte was able to offer the most simple and effective rotating proxy solution for us. It just works.

CEO at Liwango

It was literally 5 lines of code to get started with Smart Proxy Manager and see crawling success.

CTO at Peek

Without Zyte Smart Proxy Manager our business is not successful.

co-founder of Bridge Below

Rotating proxy FAQs

Why is Smart Proxy Manager becoming Zyte API?

Smart Proxy Manager has been integrated into a better scraping product called Zyte API. Zyte API dynamically uses the leanest proxy setup and handles all proxy management for reliable web scraping, from simple proxy rotation and rate limiting to complex extraction with session management. Now when you want data from any website anywhere, you will only ever pay for resource required.

Can I still use Smart Proxy Manager if I want?

Yes, although Zyte API is the leaner, more powerful and more reliable solution and we imagine all customers will eventually switch customers can continue to buy use Smart Proxy Manager.

Is it easy to switch from Smart Proxy Manager to Zyte API?

Yes. We’ve been very conscious to make it easy to switch. If you’re currently using Smart Proxy Manager and want to talk to support they are ready and waiting to help.

Can I choose IPs in specific locations?

Yes, we can allocate IPs based on the locations you choose. You can otherwise leave the automatic IP proxy rotation down to us, where our proprietary algorithms will choose the best IPs to get you the successful requests.

How many proxies do you offer?

It’s in the order of hundreds of thousands. But we have reserves as well depending on the requirements of our customers. We grow the pool as needed.

Do you offer a free trial?

Yes. We offer a free trial of our smart rotating proxy service for 14 days or 10,000 requests (whichever comes first). Customers interested in an Enterprise Free Trial should contact us.

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

Yes, you may cancel your subscription at any time

I already have proxies. How will Zyte Smart Proxy Manager help me on top of what I'm already doing?

Smart Proxy Manager (formerly Crawlera) is focused on delivering successful responses without any hassle for the end-user. The internal algorithm deals with bans, manages multiple proxy providers, rotates proxies and handles throttling automatically, among other features. It allows your technical team to focus on data only and not proxies.

Can I use Smart Proxy Manager with my own crawler without using Scrapy, Scrapy Cloud or any other Zyte service?

Definitely. Smart Proxy Manager is a standalone service that can be used with any crawler or HTTP client, independently of the rest of the Zyte platform.

What are proxies?

When you start extracting data from the web on a small scale you might not need proxies to make successful requests and get the data. But, as you scale your project because you need to extract more records or more frequently, you will experience issues. Or the site you're trying to reach might display different content depending on the region. So these are the two cases when you need to start using a proxy solution. Learn more about proxies here.