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The world leading data extraction platform

For developers. By developers.

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Get the web data you need fast

Tech stack for web scraping

Access developer tools, data extraction APIs and documentation, built and maintained by our world-leading team of over 100 extraction experts.

Zyte API

The leanest most powerful anti-ban web scraping API ever created

Collect data from any website with our AI powered web scraping solution that automatically uses the leanest proxy configuration and technical setup to return HTML, so you can forget about the tech and focus on the data.

The worlds most advanced anti-ban technology.

Lean Anti-Ban

Zyte API automatically Unlocks any website using the leanest set of tools possible on a site by site basis.

Headless Browser

Zyte API Contains a built-for-purpose Scriptable Headless browser to execute javascript, and automate browser actions.
Zyte smart proxy management
Intelligent proxy rotation and ban management

Smart Proxy Manager

bullet point
Easily crawl from multiple IPs and locations
bullet point
Pay only for successful requests (200 OK)
bullet point
Auto healthy IP selection and rotation
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Universal HTTP proxy interface

Smart Proxy Manager is being replaced by the superior Zyte API. However; If you want or need to use it, Smart Proxy Manager lets you Send URLs to our Smart Proxy Manager API and get the web pages right back. With no captchas and no blocked pages.

With Zyte API you get all the anti-ban power of Smart Proxy Manager plus a host of other benefits.

More data, less coding
API and UI available

Automatic web data extraction

Soon to be integrated with Zyte API

Instantly access web data with our patented AI-powered automated extraction API. Get quality data back quickly and structured. Onboarding new sources has never been easier. Validate new websites through the intuitive UI.

Get banned less and say bye-bye to breaking spiders.

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Automatic extraction of ten data types
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Resilient to website changes
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Unlimited scale
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Antiban management built in
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40+ languages supported
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High quality data, fast responses

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Developer tools

Dev tools that make scraping easy

scrapy cloud

Scrapy Cloud

Scrapy Cloud is our battle-tested platform for running and managing web crawlers.

Easily build crawlers and deploy them instantly. Your spiders run in the cloud, scaling on demand from thousands to billions of pages.

splash headless browser

Zyte API Headless Browser

Scrape today’s JavaScript heavy websites with our fast, light, scriptable headless browser.

It’s easily customizable for faster page rendering and complex user behavior simulation.

Transparent pricing

Pricing built for businesses of all sizes

$2/10.000 requests
$5 Fee
27/7 support
Detailed usage reporting
Price calculator
Developer IDE

Scrapy Cloud

Per Month
Free starter plan
120-day data retention
1 Unit = 1 GB of RAM and 1 concurrent crawl

Smart Proxy Manager

Per Month
Scales with requests
14-day free trial
24/5 support

Automatic Extraction

Per Month
100K requests
14-day free trial
Access it as a no-code UI or through HTTP API
Unified data format

Consistent quality

Data comes in all shapes and sizes. We deliver your web data in a standardized, unified format. So you’re assured on consistent quality and reduced development time across the millions of records we extract every day.

Read more on unified data schemas by data type

Open source

Data extraction innovators

Open source is in our DNA. And you’ll see our commitment with over twenty active projects including Scrapy - the leading open source web crawling framework - as well as Splash, Dateparser and Spidermon.

scrapy by zyte
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