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We've made a change

You might know us as Scrapinghub. And now we’re Zyte.

We’re game changers in web data extraction, obsessed with removing barriers so our customers can access valuable data. Quickly and easily, whenever and however they need it.

We’ve always been passionate about data and what it can do. And we’re here to connect our customers with clean, actionable web data. At any scale. Without coding hassles, getting banned or broken spiders.

At Zyte we believe that businesses deserve a smooth pathway to data. For more than a decade we’ve led the way in building powerful, easy to use ways to collect, format and deliver web data, quickly, dependably and at scale. And today the data we extract helps thousands of organizations make smarter business decisions, secure competitive advantage and drive sustainable growth.

Our customers include:

mercado libre
warner music group

Our story



Founders Shane Evans and Pablo Hoffman meet when organizations were clamouring for web data to power their business. With no credible solutions around Shane and Pablo build their own data extraction software.


Always open

The initial release candidate of Scrapy goes public, becoming the first dedicated open source Python web crawling and scraping framework.


Hello Scrapinghub

Scrapinghub is founded. Going beyond simple spider development, the company offers a holistic, scalable data extraction solution with a community of web scraping experts.


Spiders in the cloud

Many of our customers want to manage their own spiders. We release Scrapy Cloud, our ground-breaking service for hosting and managing web scraping spiders in the cloud.


Passionate about proxies

Traditional proxy services aren’t giving customers sufficient resilience to extract data at scale. Enter Crawlera, our super-scalable solution that automates proxy management, rotating proxies to beat bans and boost success rates.


More scraping, less coding

We introduce Portia, a non-developer visual scraping tool that lets customers get data easily from a limited number of websites with no coding needed.


Data on demand

Some customers just want access to data without worrying about spiders, proxies and QA. Our managed services let customers get the data they want, when they need it.


New directions

Shane Evans is appointed as Scrapinghub CEO, backed by a new senior leadership team to support ambitious goals for exceeding our customers’ needs.


Intelligent extraction

We launch AutoExtract, our automatic web scraping API. At its core is an AI-enabled engine that extracts data from web pages without the need for time-consuming custom coding.


Now we're Zyte

Scrapinghub officially becomes Zyte. A bold new brand heralds the launch of our self-serve Automatic Extraction service. Powered by AI, it offers super-fast access to News and Product data with no coding needed.

As we live and breath...

Our company values

Open by default

We believe in open free flowing channels of information for all.
We’re open minded and embrace change.
We communicate openly and honestly with each other.
We encourage a flexible and diverse work environment.

Team Players

We help each other to do great work.
We treat each other with respect, even when we disagree.
We work in teams with humility and ambition.
We rely on each other and create the best solutions together.

Customer Centric

We put our customers at the heart of everything we do.
We listen to and understand our customer’s needs.
We go above & beyond to provide the best solutions for our customers.
Making our customers successful is everyone’s job.

Game Changers

We deliver innovation that matters.
We never settle, there is always an opportunity to do better.
We challenge our ideas of what’s possible.
We’re not afraid to take risks and fail.
Join our awesome global team

The door’s open

At Zyte we love working with smart, motivated people who share our drive to do more with web data.

We’ve always done things differently, and we embraced the benefits of remote working long before the current pandemic. Today our diverse global team includes more than 260 people working from home - or wherever suits them best - in over 30 countries.

Sounds like the right environment to take your own professional journey forward? Let’s talk about it.

about zyte and who we are
Leadership team

Meet Zyte people

Meet the Zyte global executive team that’s committed to give simple access to web data and provide valuable, actionable insights for our customers.
Shane Evans
Chief Executive Officer
Kevin Flanagan
Chief Revenue Officer
Sanaea Daruwalla
Chief Legal Officer
Suzanne Hassett
Chief Operations Officer & Head of Delivery
Marie Moynihan
Chief Marketing Officer
Iain Lennon
Chief Product Officer
Peter Nealon
Chief Financial Officer
Kevin Magee
Chief Technology Officer

Want data?

Talk to us about your web data extraction needs.

Data Extraction

Data how and when you need it via our APIs and services.

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Smart Proxy Management

We manage thousands of proxies. So you don’t have to.

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