We’ve made a change. Scrapinghub is now Zyte! 

Transparent pricing. Always.

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Transparent costs

Smart pricing for enterprises, start-ups and scale-ups

Data Services

per month*
Data subscription or custom project
Project manager
Data delivered hourly, daily, weekly or monthly
Proven QA methodology
Standardized or bespoke data schemas
Legal and GDPR compliance review
Data coverage guaranteed
Sample data available
24/5 dedicated support
Enterprise solutions available
*Set-up costs not included

Automatic Extraction

per 100k requests per month
Up to 500K requests per month*
HTTP API with access to multiple data types
40+ languages supported
Parallel crawling
Automated smart crawler
Automatic IP rotation & anti-ban built-in
Simple crawl scheduling
Deliver data to S3 or download it from the platform
Easy to use dashboard
24/5 support
For more than 500k requests per month - 
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Smart pricing

Smart Proxy Manager


per month
50K requests per month included
Additional requests at $10 per 10K
50 concurrent requests
per month
200K requests per month included
Additional requests at $49 per 100K
50 concurrent requests


per month
2.5M requests per month included
Additional requests at $149 per 1m
200 concurrent requests


per month
Custom amount of requests
Custom request concurrency
IP whitelisting
Dedicated account manager
Custom proxy locations
Custom crawling time-window
24/7 priority support
Personalized onboarding
Guaranteed capacity

All packages come with...

24/5 support
Automatic proxy rotation
Automatic retries
Automatic proxy optimization
Identify as web browser
Reporting and visualizations
Docs and knowledge base
Support and sessions support
Headless browser support
Cookie management
Configurable browser profiles
Non-obvious ban detection
Only pay for as much capacity as you need.

Scrapy Cloud


Ideal for small projects or if you simply want to give Scrapy Cloud a try.
Free Forever
Unlimited team members
Unlimited projects
Unlimited requests
1 hour crawl time
1 concurrent crawl
7 day data retention


Ideal for developers and companies who want a hassle free way to scrape the web at scale.
Per Unit - Per Month
Unlimited team members
Unlimited projects
Unlimited requests
Unlimited crawl runtime
Unlimited concurrent crawls
Intelligent crawl scheduling
120 day data retention
Personalised support
Pricing built for businesses of all sizes



Ideal for small web scraping projects

Per Month
1 x CPU
1 x CPU
24/5 support


Ideal for large scale web scraping projects

Per Month
2 x CPU
24/5 support


Ideal for scraping the web at enormous scale

Per Month
4 x CPU
24/5 support


Ideal for unlimited scale & custom needs

Per Month
Unlimited CPU
Unlimited RAM
24/7 Support