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Zyte API Pricing

Our per-site pricing means you can use one automated tool for every type of website. Example pricing based 1,000 successful requests and discount applied for a commitment of $100 per month.

Website TierIP types usedComputePrice per 1k requests (HTTP Response)Price per 1k requests (Rendered HTML)Price per 1k requests (Extracted)


Data centre Proxies

What’s included in Zyte API

Automatic Extraction

Automatically parse product and article pages at an unlimited scale.

The previous stand-alone Automatic Extraction feature has been improved and integrated into Zyte API.

Automatic proxy rotation & retries

Replacement of blocked IPs or retries is automated to ensure the highest success rates - no more wasted time manually managing your IPs

Smart ban detection

Built-in solution for an extensive, ever-growing database of known site bans for automatic ban detection


Extensive geographical datacenter proxy coverage plus intelligent selection of the best proxy type needed - no more wasted costs on residential IPs

Cookie jar

Increase efficiency and save configurations such as location (country, city, zip, store id) to reuse in multiple requests

Session support

Support for same proxy sessions, routing of requests through the same IP and browser profile

Scriptable browser

Built in scriptable browser support so you no longer need to integrate it into your code - leverage standard libraries created by Zyte experts


Captures screenshots for quality assurance, page evolution monitoring or product placement

Zyte Data

Leave it to Zyte. We’ll extract the web data your business needs. For any project size.






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Smart Proxy Manager

Get on board with our great value Starter and Basic plans. Upgrade as your needs grow.

What is included?

Additional request$10 per 10k$49 per 100k$149 per 1mCustom
Concurrent requests5050200Custom
Support24/524/524/524/7 Priority Support
Residential IPsAdd-onAdd-onAdd-onYes
IP whitelisting---Custom
Dedicated account manager---Custom
Proxy location---Yes
Crawling time-window----
Personalized onboarding---Yes
Guaranteed capacity---Yes

All packages come with...

  • 24/7 support

  • 10% discount on annual plans

  • Automatic proxy rotation

  • Automatic retries

  • Automatic proxy optimization

  • Geolocation

  • Identify as web browser

  • Reporting and visualizations

  • Docs and knowledge base

  • Support and sessions support

  • Headless browser support

  • Cookie management

  • Configurable browser profiles

  • Non-obvious ban detection

  • Residential IPs (add-on)

Scrapy Cloud

Scalable cloud hosting for your Scrapy spiders



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