Automatic Data Extraction API

Our automated extraction tool for fast, reliable data collection.

Automate data extraction at scale without getting banned

Instantly access web data with our patented AI-powered automated extraction API. Get quality data back quickly and in a structured format. Onboarding new sources has never been easier. Validate new websites through the intuitive UI.

  • Simple HTTP API

  • Resilient to website changes

  • Antiban management built in

  • High quality data, fast responses

  • Automatic extraction of ten data types

  • Unlimited scale

  • 40+ languages supported

How our API works

  • Automatic Extraction is accessible via a single HTTPS Endpoint.

  • You need to submit a request - it can be one or several queries. 

  • Each query must contain the URL you wish to extract data from and also the pageType parameter which determines the type of data you wish to extract from that page.

  • Requests and responses are transmitted in JSON format over HTTPS.

  • Authentication is performed using HTTP Basic Authentication, where your API key is the username and the password is empty.

  • Your API will be provisioned once you sign up for trial.

  • Supporting Documentation can be found here.

Automated scraping of structured data

No more getting banned and bye-bye breaking spiders.

  • Get answers fast

    Gather clean, usable, business-critical web data in seconds, not weeks

  • Any website

    Easy onboarding and integration; intuitive interface for URL validation

  • Don't get banned

    Anti-ban management built in

  • 4 times more precise

    We extract the cleanest web data on the market that you can rely on

  • Always up to speed

    Millions of data requests per month

  • 40+ languages supported

    Scrape websites all over the world

Automatic Extraction

Instantly access the web data you need with the AI-powered extraction API.

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Without Zyte we would need to waste time writing custom scrapers for each website. Zyte saves a lot of time for us.

CEO at Adlede

We’re really happy with the quality of Zyte’s Automatic Extraction. We are also very satisfied by the level of technical support we get. Without Zyte we simply wouldn’t be able to do what we do.

CTO at

Zyte Automatic Extraction API answers our challenges in the best way. We can get clean data with almost zero effort from our side.

Backend Developer at Intelligo


What is API scraping?

Data scraping APIs are web services that support the automated retrieval of content from other web pages, quickly and at scale. A data scraping API can make it quicker and easier for developers to build web data extraction applications, with less coding from scratch.

There are various free and paid-for data scraping APIs out there, varying in their functionality, ease of use, and value for money. Some APIs can deal with sites that incorporate anti-scraping measures. Data scraping APIs also vary in the format they deliver their results to the user: these can be in HTML, JSON, plain text, or JPEG images.

What does web scraping mean for business?

Organizations use web scraping services to access a vast range of information that’s out there on the Internet.

From a business perspective, web scraping services automate the process of extracting valuable data from other websites quickly, reliably, legitimately and at scale. What’s more, scraping services ensure that the data organizations need is delivered in a convenient structure for easy retrieval, processing and analysis.

The data provided by web scraping services plays a crucial role in helping businesses understand their competitive landscape, tune in to customers’ sentiments, identify new commercial opportunities and guide better decision making.

Scraping services can be used to extract information from a huge array of online sources in the public domain. These range from news articles, blogs and customer reviews to e-commerce websites, academic libraries, job postings, company reports and entertainment platforms. Web scraping can also unearth a rich seam of ‘alternative data’ that helps financial organizations tailor new products and services to meet their customers’ needs.

Web data extraction companies like Zyte offer a range of scraping services to help organizations access clean, dependable data that reveals actionable insights and fuels sustainable business growth.

Is it legal to use an API to scrape?

Using an API to scrape data from public websites is not inherently illegal. However, many APIs require that you sign up and agree to the site’s Terms of Service. These Terms of Service may place legal limitations on how you access, use, and share the data so it is important that you carefully read them before agreeing.