Automatic Extraction

Skip the hassle of creating manual parsing code. Embrace our AI-powered solution and automatically parse product and article pages at unlimited scale.

The previous stand-alone Automatic Extraction feature has been improved and integrated into Zyte API.

How the API works

Send URLS and Get Structured Data (JSON)

Request data from a URL using Zyte API with pageType parameter. Receive JSON data over HTTPS.

  • No need to write parsing code

  • No more getting banned

  • No more fixing broken extraction code

When you need structured article or eCommerce or article data at scale,

It just works!

Automate data extraction at scale with one API

Automatic extraction without getting banned

Instantly access web data with our patented AI-powered automated extraction API. Get quality structured data quickly without writing parsing code. Onboarding new sources has never been easier.

  • Rest or HTTP Proxy API

  • Intuitive testing UI

  • Resilient to website changes

  • Automatically handles bans

  • High quality data, fast responses

  • Works on products and articles (more soon)

  • Unlimited scale

  • 40+ languages supported

Requests priced individually per website

Our per-site pricing means you can use one automated tool for every type of website. Example pricing based 1,000 successful requests and a subscription of $100 per month.  

Website TierIP types usedComputePrice per 1k requests (HTTP Response)Price per 1k requests (Rendered HTML)Price per 1k requests (Extracted)


Data centre Proxies

Without Zyte we would need to waste time writing custom scrapers for each website. Zyte saves a lot of time for us.

CEO at Adlede

We’re really happy with the quality of Zyte’s Automatic Extraction. We are also very satisfied by the level of technical support we get. Without Zyte we simply wouldn’t be able to do what we do.

CTO at

Zyte Automatic Extraction API answers our challenges in the best way. We can get clean data with almost zero effort from our side.

Backend Developer at Intelligo

Integrations with scrapy and open source

As founders of, Zyte maintains the world's best and most complete open source scraping framework. So naturally, Zyte API and automatic extraction works seamlessly with Scrapy, and many other open source libraries that plug into Scrapy, too.

Migrating from Auto Extract API

Customers who have been using previous iterations of the Automatic Extraction API can continue to use the article, articleList, product, productList, page types. See docs for guidance on migration.