Everything you need to scrape the web all in one place

Efficiently extract web data at scale with Zyte’s scraping tools and services. Follow this simple guide to see which tools to use when, where and why.


Build spiders with a scraping framework

Scrapy is a free and open source web-scraping framework for Python, created and maintained by Zyte, to allow you to build spiders to crawl and extract structured data from websites in a fast, simple, and extensible way.

This is the foundational building block of a scraping system.

  • Crawl 

  • Parse

  • Export

Join the Scrapy Community

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Deploy to Scrapy Cloud

Host and monitor your Scrapy spiders in the cloud . Scrapy Cloud is the perfect solution to scale web scraping projects quickly and reliably with Zero vendor lock-in.


  • Schedule crawls

  • Manage and automate your spiders at scale

  • Storage and a Full suite of QA tools


Power Up to Overcome Challenges

Now you’re running at scale, you’ll need to:

  • Handle bans and blocks

  • Render Javascript for complex sites

  • Automate browser actions

  • Access geo-blocked content

With just few lines of code you can add Zyte API to your project to overcome those challenges quickly and efficiently at scale.