AI Scraping

Extract product data in minutes with AI

The only full-stack, AI-powered solution that crawls, unblocks and extracts product data in minutes. Automation-first extraction for developers with a built-in IDE for further customization.

4.5 out of 5

4.5 out of 5

4.4 out of 5

AI-powered scraping makes data teams 3x faster

Zyte API's AI Scraping instantly unblocks websites and uses AI to extract data points from web pages without the need to write selectors or parse code. It's never been faster to get the data you need.

Unlimited scale

No need to maintain the codebase for every website, Zyte API AI Scraping spiders do that for you, automatically and in real time.

Build spiders in minutes

Say goodbye to a three-day turnaround to add a new website. AI Scraping does it in minutes.

Our AI is much better than LLMs

Compared to LLMs like ChatGPT, our AI is 50x cheaper and 56% more accurate for standard product schemas.

The AI-powered web scraping stack

Sign up, select your template, start your crawl. Customize as needed.

Select your spider template

Select our smart spider template for extracting standard schemas. Configure, set and launch new spiders in minutes.

Quickly set up your project

Add the URLs, set your number of requests, and select your crawl strategy and extraction source. Watch the data come in — simple as that.

Customize with Scrapy

Leverage the scale of AI while staying in full control of your code. Customize and override as needed.

Smart Spider Templates

Build and deploy spiders in minutes, not days

When developers have to manually write and maintain code and infrastructure on a site-by-site basis, adding a new website takes days. AI Scraping in Zyte API comes with out-of-the-box spider templates so you can click, click, crawl — as easy as that.

Bring Your Own Templates

Adapt our spider templates, or create your own

AI Scraping spider templates have no limitations. If you can do it with Scrapy, you can do it in a template. Alter crawling patterns, filter results before extraction, add arguments, process data and export.

Website Unblocking

Automated ban management that just happens

Once you launch your crawl, websites are automatically unblocked as part of the AI-powered workflow. Zyte's unblocking technology was rated best-in-class against market leaders in speed, cost and accuracy of handling bans.

Automatic Extraction

Extract any product data out of the box with AI

Our patented machine learning model is faster, more accurate and cheaper than LLMs — and it's built into the full-stack AI Scraping workflow so you can do it all in one place. Start with our standard product schemas, customize from there if needed.


Only pay for what you use

We know your projects are unique, we don’t force you into a “package”. Instead, we price Zyte API around you. Below we’ve shown some examples, based on extraction complexity.

Extracted HTTP response - price per 1000 requests

Website TierWebsite DistributionTechnologyPAYG$100*$350*$1000*

Data centre proxies

Residential proxies


PAYG (Pay As You Go - up to $25/month)

*monthly commitment

Extracted browser requests - price per 1000 requests

Website TierWebsite DistributionTechnologyPAYG$100*$350*$1000*

Data centre proxies

Residential proxies


PAYG (Pay As You Go - up to $25/month)

*monthly commitment

Zyte AI is trained for web scraping

Zyte API gives you the best-trained AI for web scraping while leveraging the efficiency of LLMs when they perform best. In our internal benchmarks, Zyte API is 50x cheaper and vastly more accurate (see table) than Chat GPT 3.5.

Where it makes sense as part of the solution, we can and do use LLMs in products and for our customers.


All the power you need, only pay for what you use

Instant set-up

Get started quickly and build new spiders in minutes.

No maintenance

Models run on every request self-healing

Cost effective

50x cheaper than ChatGPT 3.5

High quality

Dedicated scraping models, supported


Schemas exclude PII and copyrighted fields


Build spiders, unblock sites and extract data in one automated process.


Tweak to your precise needs with Scrapy


Our users love Zyte

Zyte was able to offer the most simple and effective rotating proxy solution for us. It just works.

Aurélien Jemma

CEO at Liwango

Collaboration with Zyte has been easy and support was always there throughout our journey.

Ru Hickson

Data Engineer at Kinzen

It was literally 5 lines of code to get started with Smart Proxy Manager and see crawling success.

Oskar Bruening

CTO at Peek

Without Zyte Smart Proxy Manager our business is not successful.

Michael Raburn

Co-Founder of Bridge Below