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What is music metadata?

Music metadata scraper refers to the gathering of information that a music file contains such as Artist, Genre, Title, Duration, Album, and even ISRC code, which helps to identify recordings uniquely and permanently.  

How to get metadata for music?

Harvesting structured, clean music metadata at scale whether that is for digital right management (DRM) or digital asset management (DAM) uses case without the technical hassle has never been easier.

With our high-quality music data feeds, you can get access to all the music meta information from one or multiple web-based data sources, so you maintain a healthy and reliable database. 

Zyte Data Service supports a comprehensive solution for your Music data needs and we have a QA process perfected for 10+ years to deliver high-quality music web data. 

Often connected to music is video - read more about video data extraction.

Music metdadata specification

  • Title

  • ISRC code

  • Duration

  • Artist

  • Genre

  • Album

  • Release date

  • Custom fields upon request

The best way to collect web data about music

We probably already extract data from your target website and can offer the data you need in a standardized schema that will make your life easier and save you time and money.

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Your Data Extraction Partner

Our web scraping team of experts can provide services to suit any size of business, from twinkly startups to Fortune 100’s.