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Blog comment data extraction

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Reliable & scalable blog comment data extraction

Access structured, clean, and insight-ready blog comment data to underpin a myriad of applications. From voice-of-customer and product analysis to advanced natural language understanding solutions, to quickly identify, and track conversation strings ‘hidden’ amongst the noise of thousands of comments online.

By tapping into Zyte’s machine-readable blog comment data you can reliably build a resilient data pipeline that underpins your web listening capabilities.

Build your data pipelines with confidence with a reliable and always-on service with 99.9% uptime; 24/7, 365 days a year.

Zyte automatic extraction supports a comprehensive list of metadata types and with the output delivered directly to your AWS S3 bucket ensuring flexibility to evolve with your needs.

Data specification

  • Page URL
  • Date published
  • Date published raw
  • Downvote count
  • Upvote count
  • Text

Output example

    "comments": {
      "url": "https://example.com/article-with-comments",
      "comments": [
          "text": "A comment on article",
          "datePublished": "2020-01-30T00:00:00",
          "datePublishedRaw": "Jan 30, 2020",
          "upvoteCount": 12,
          "downvoteCount": 1,
          "probability": 0.95
          "text": "Another comment",
          "probability": 0.95
    "webPage": {
      "inLanguages": [
        {"code": "en"},
        {"code": "es"}
    "query": {
      "id": "1564747029122-9e02a1868d70b7a3",
      "domain": "example.com",
      "userQuery": {
        "pageType": "comments",
        "url": "https://example.com/article-with-comments"
    "algorithmVersion": "20.8.1"

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