The optimal web data extraction project kick-off

Ensuring success through the right early-project decisions

Some early-project choices can predict the operation's success in public data extraction activities.

Deciding on the business case and data requirements will certainly be responsible for most of the project’s capacity of delivering quality data, on time and within budget. Other aspects, like choices around tooling, staffing, and finding target websites, are more important in the following stages after finding consensus about the expected business value from extracted web data.

Then, how can we understand which decisions must be taken into account in the pre-dev phase? Which ones can be confidently left to be discovered during the development? What’s the best way to avoid unnecessary legal and cost risks for bigger enterprise projects?

That’s what’s covered in the first episode of the 5-part webinar series On-demand Guide to Accessing Web Data, brought to you by Zyte and its host Neha Setia, Developer Advocate, and a body of public data extraction specialists around the globe.

  • How the definition of the business value of desired web data can greatly impact project performance

  • How to reduce cost and legal implications with clear value expectations for the desired web data

  • Why low-cost MVPs are always the expert recommendations even for big web scraping projects

  • The professionals take on the overrated “real-time scraping” urge

  • What needs to be done before choosing the technology or scope

Hosted by

  • Liam O'Callaghan - Global New Business Sales Lead

  • PaweĹ‚ Miech - Team Leader - Software Engineer

  • David Comber - Head of Solution Architecture

  • Neha Setia Nagpal - Developer Advocate