The complete guide to accessing web data - Webinar series

Ensuring success through the right early-project decisions

A series of self-contained webinars to take you from zero knowledge of web data to successfully starting your web data project. 

Join us to understand how Zyte’s proven Web Scraping Project Management framework can fuel your data-driven product or organization with reliable, high-quality data from the web.

Episode list:

  1. The optimal web data extraction project kick-off

  2. Discovering The Best Way To Access Web Data

  3. Conducting a web scraping legal compliance review

  4. Assuring data quality in web extraction projects

  5. How to launch a large-scale web data extraction project

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  • Neha Setia Nagpal - Developer Advocate at Zyte

  • Liam O'Callaghan - Global New Business Sales Lead at Zyte

  • Paweł Miech - Team Leader - Software Engineer at Zyte

  • David Comber - Head of Solution Architecture at Zyte

  • Sanaea Daruwalla - Chief Legal Officer at Zyte

  • Artur Sarduski - Data Scientist at Zyte

  • Theresia Tanzil - Web Scraping Expert

  • Pierluigi Vinciguerra, Co-Founder, and CTO at Re Analytics - Databoutique.com

  • Eric Platow - Senior Director of Data Science LexisNexis