Discovering The Best Way To Access Web Data

Advice for project managers solving the Build vs. Buy dilemma

In the previous webinar, we learned the importance of building a strong business case to be the foundation of any web data extraction project, building bridges between the ones consuming data and the ones extracting it.

Now it’s time to think about the extraction method and the project structure. Is it better to hire developers and data scientists for an in-house scraping team, or is it better to buy ready-to-use data from a provider? Which model will be the best option regarding time, cost, and quality?

That’s what’s covered in the second episode of the 5-part webinar series On-demand Guide to Accessing Web Data, brought to you by Zyte and its host Neha Setia, Web Data Evangelist, and a body of public data extraction specialists around the globe.

  • How to Project Management Golden Triangle can help you scope out a fast, cheap, and good-quality web data project.

  • How each project dimension of cost, time, and quality, varies and affects outcomes in web extraction projects.

  • The pros and cons of building or buying according to the project management and business value perspectives.

  • Why the new industry best practices are relying more on a new, hybrid model, and what’s necessary to start benefiting from it now.

Hosted by

  • Theresia Tanzil - Web scraping expert

  • Neha Setia Nagpal - Web Data Evangelist at Zyte