Conducting a web scraping legal compliance review

Your guide to accessing web data while staying legally compliant

In the first two webinars of the series, we learned how to define data requirements to serve the business requirements best and choose the right way to access web data for your project. It’s time to learn all about scraping web data in a legally compliant manner.

In this webinar, we’ll talk about web scraping laws and regulations worldwide and share a few guidelines to follow when scraping the web so you know when you need to be cautious about the manner and type of data you scrape.

Join our Chief Legal Officer, Sanaea Daruwalla, and Web Data Evangelist, Neha Setia Nagpal, to learn about web scraping best practices so you can scrape the web with peace of mind.

In this webinar, stay compliant by learning:

  • A legal implication overview for all laws and regulations governing web scraping, like personal data laws, case law and bonding contracts from website terms.

  • The 3-step used by Zyte’s legal team to run a legal compliance review for any web scraping project.

  • How to avoid legal repercussions right in the project’s kickoff by adopting standard schemas built by experts.

Hosted by

  • Sanaea Daruwalla - Chief Legal Officer at Zyte

  • Neha Setia Nagpal - Web Data Evangelist at Zyte