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How to launch a large-scale web data extraction project

Presented by:
Neha Setia Nagpal
webinar duration
30 mins
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LexisNexis's web scraping journey from concept to iteration to running a large-scale project

From defining our data requirements that best serve the business requirements, and selecting the right way to access web data for your project to scraping compliant, high-quality web-extracted data, we've come a long way in this journey to success with web data.

With this final webinar, we will help you connect the dots between all the different stages and apply your learnings in practice to launch a web data project from conception and iteration to design and execution.

Join our special guests Eric Platow, Senior Director of Data Science at Lexis Nexis, and Neha Setia Nagpal, Web data evangelist at Zyte as they talk about LexisNexis's journey to scrape 200k+ websites.

Learn the tips and tricks of extracting web data from older websites using traditional technologies as well as new-age websites built with sophisticated tech. Eric will also share a sneak peek of the web scraping process used by LexisNexis to scrape, clean, process, and consume web-extracted data.

In this webinar, learn how to

  • How LexisNexis defined their project and data requirements.
  • Initial steps and rules to define for a web data process that works.
  • How LexisNexis scrapes, cleans, processes, and consumes web-extracted data.
  • Overcome challenges faced by LexisNexis while scraping 200k+ websites

The webinar will be followed by a 15 min Q&A. Be sure to submit your questions ahead of time


Eric Platow - Senior Director of Data Science LexisNexis
Eric is an expert in building scalable, reusable components that come together in order to make our data stewards become superheroes.  He leads a team of data scientists, data engineers, and the data steward team through a transformation from fully manual data collection to automated data collection and processing.


Web Data Evangelist

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