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A comprehensive overview of web data quality assurance

Presented by:
Neha Setia Nagpal
webinar duration
30 mins
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Accurate web data for accurate decisions

In the previous webinars, we learned how to define data requirements to best serve the business requirements, choose the right way to access web data for your project as well as how to stay compliant with your web scraping. With this webinar, we dive deeper into the web data quality assurance process to make sure the web data you extract meets the requirements of your business.

Join Neha Setia Nagpal, Web data evangelist at Zyte, Artur Sarduski, Data Scientist at Zyte, and Pierluigi Vinciguerra, Co-Founder, and CTO at Re Analytics - Databoutique.com as they share the secrets behind Zyte's best-in-class web data quality assurance process which ensures that the data collected is reliable and of the highest quality.

Learn how to evaluate the data's accuracy, completeness, consistency, and timeliness, and get helpful tips on regularly monitoring the crawlers for quick identification and resolution of any issues that may arise.

In this webinar, ensure the highest web data quality by learning

  • Best practices to avoid QA issues
  • Testing and monitoring your data to catch problems early
  • Zyte's approach to high web data extraction quality 
  • Tips to fix web data QA issues


Artur Sarduski - Data scientist at Zyte

Pierluigi Vinciguerra - Co-Founder, and CTO at Re Analytics - Databoutique.com
Join his substack - The Web Scraping Club


Web Data Evangelist

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