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Fueling real estate’s big data revolution with web scraping

Four use cases demonstrating the power of web scraped data in transforming the real estate industry.

Realtors and their firms exist in a day-to-day race to stay ahead of the competition and stay relevant. Most listing services use web scraping to generate leads for their clients, and some have begun operating as brokerages themselves.

In this quickly technologizing industry, arming your team with the most robust data available, and forming important decisions based on the rich data available is going to determine who wins —and loses.

In this white paper, we’re excited to explore four use cases for real estate data.

A glimpse at what's inside:

bullet point
Appraising property value
bullet point
Monitoring vacancy rates
bullet point
Estimating rental yields
bullet point
Understanding market direction
bullet point
Tech in the industry
bullet point
Power of web data for Real Estate