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Delivering 13Bn+ Web pages as Data every month with 99.9% accuracy - when you need web data, we’ve got you covered
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Powerful proxies and 
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Why use Zyte?

Zyte makes the complex simple
Getting the data you need for powering your business can be hard. Juggling proxies, problem solving with your team, forecasting costs! Stop worrying - Zyte just works.
Data on-demand or data extraction software
Zyte is the original and best web data platform. Whether you need data on-demand or software tools to unlock websites, we have the products you need.
Pricing that makes sense for the data you need
Not all data is created equal. Some data can be easy to release but there are websites that can make it very challenging. Zyte's intelligent pricing model means you only pay for the data you need and you pay less for the easier to access data.

You're in safe hands

Data extraction leaders:
web scraping
Delivery at scale:
web pages unlocked
Quality and reliability:
Dedicated team:
and CCPA

Don't just take our word for it

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Zyte Products and Services

Data extraction services
Simply tell us the websites and the type of data you need. We do the rest and deliver the data you need, when you need it.
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Zyte API
Zyte API automatically uses the leanest proxy and extraction configuration to reliably return HTML from any website at the best price, so you can forget about the tech and focus on the data.
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Scrapy Cloud
Scalable cloud hosting for your Scrapy Spiders. Run, monitor, and control your crawlers with Scrapy Cloud's easy-to-use web interface with built in spider monitoring, logging and data QA tools.
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Automatic data
extraction API
Instantly access web data with our patented AI-powered automated extraction API. Get quality data back quickly and in a structured format. Onboarding new sources has never been easier. Validate new websites through the intuitive UI.
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How is Zyte used by your industry

Product Data Extraction
We are the market leader in product web data that can power your price intelligence, market analysis, competitor intelligence, vendor management, compliance, and many more use cases.
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Financial Data
Web scraped alternative data for finance is fuelling today’s most competitive and innovative investments practices. Getting access to this data can be time consuming which is where Zyte can help.
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Brand Monitoring
Monitoring your brand online requires a great deal of real-time data, and data extraction provides this with a guaranteed level of speed, reliability, and accuracy.
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Price intelligence
Gain competitive advantage by tracking prices on SKU, categories, and keywords level. Understand trends and performances to gain a larger market share.
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