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Data Extraction Service

Perfect for data on demand projects and extraction projects.

Let our web scraping experts assess, build, and manage the bespoke data extraction solution for your business.

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Automatic Extraction powered by AI

Perfect if you need to instantly access web data yourself.

Drive growth and save time getting the data you need.
Extract web data at scale while cutting down on coding and spider maintenance time by using.

Use the Extraction API or UI.

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Smart Proxy Manager

Perfect if you need a proxy solution.

Smart Proxy Manager (formerly Crawlera) is the world's smartest rotating proxy network.

Your web data is delivered quickly and reliably. So you can focus on extracting data, not juggling proxies.

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Zyte Data API Smart Browser

Perfect if you need an advanced antiban solution

New smart browser API to handle complex data extraction. 

With smart browser functionality and browser rendering you can now easily handle antibots that target the browser layer.

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