We’ve made a change. Scrapinghub is now Zyte! 

Automatic Extraction powered by AI

More data, less coding

Extract web data at scale without getting banned

Instantly access web data with our patented AI-powered automated extraction API. Get quality data back quickly and in a structured format. Onboarding new sources has never been easier. Validate new websites through the intuitive UI.

Automatic extraction of ten data types
Resilient to website changes
Unlimited scale
Antiban management built in
40+ languages supported
High quality data, fast responses

Works best for these data types

Article Extraction
Article List Extraction
Product Extraction
Product List Extraction
Review Extraction
Vehicle Extraction
Job Posting Extraction
Comment Extraction (beta)
Real Estate Extraction (beta)
Forum Post Extraction (beta)

Get structured data without any hassle

No more getting banned and bye-bye breaking spiders.

Get answers fast

Gather clean, usable, business-critical web data in seconds, not weeks

4 times more precise

We extract the cleanest web data on the market that you can rely on

Any website

Easy onboarding and integration; intuitive interface for URL validation

Always up to speed

Millions of data requests per month

Don't get banned

Anti-ban management built in

40+ languages supported

Scrape websites all over the world

zyte web scraping illustration

Why our customers love Automatic Extraction

“Without Zyte we would need to waste time writing custom scrapers for each website. Zyte saves a lot of time for us.” 

Chris Greno, CEO at Adlede

“We’re really happy with the quality of Zyte’s Automatic Extraction. We are also very satisfied by the level of technical support we get. Without Zyte we simply wouldn’t be able to do what we do.”

Girius Merkys, CTO at DebunkEU.org

“Zyte Automatic Extraction API answers our challenges in the best way. We can get clean data with almost zero effort from our side.”

Nadav Shkoori, Backend Developer at Intelligo
Data when you need it

Pricing to suit any data extraction project

Automatic Extraction

per 100k requests per month
Up to 500K requests per month*
HTTP API with access to multiple data types
40+ languages supported
Parallel crawling
Automated smart crawler
Automatic IP rotation & anti-ban built-in
Simple crawl scheduling
Deliver data to S3 or download it from the platform
Easy to use dashboard
24/5 support

*For more than 500k requests per month - Talk to us