Marie Moynihan
5 Mins
December 21, 2022

Zyte API – a single solution for web data extraction

We are excited to announce our latest web data extraction solution – Zyte API.

Our vision was to create a single API that takes care of all your web data extraction needs. So we built a web scraping infrastructure that can handle the most demanding use cases for the most sophisticated users.

This allows developers to focus on data – not on extraction – and forget about proxies, bans and maintenance.

Enter a URL, get data. It’s that simple.

What is Zyte API

All-in-one solution

Zyte API is a single automated solution for dependable web data extraction that uses the leanest setup to reliably return HTML from any website at the lowest cost. 

It provides the necessary tools to extract data from the most sophisticated sites applying state-of-the-art techniques using an automated “all-in-one” solution, getting rid of time-consuming configuration and anti-scraping workarounds. This replaces a previous set of disparate tools, along with the trial and error process (and related expense) of using these tools to find the right solution when extracting data.

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"Zyte is committed to providing powerful tools that empower people and organizations, both large and small, to collect this valuable, publicly available data to unlock new solutions, build intelligence, and create new opportunities in the easiest, most reliable, cost-effective way possible."

Shane Evans, CEO at Zyte

Why use Zyte API

Lean user experience

Users experience a simple, seamless and predictable collection of data without the need to juggle between multiple tools and configurations to battle anti-data collection measures. As automated monitoring and a team of specialists build new intelligence into the platform to stay on top of the shifting web environment and anti-scraping measures.

Data collection engineers at large-scale professional environments can quickly build a scraping stack in a fraction of the time previously required. All while using the exact right features and resources needed for each domain.

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Powerful API

Zyte API consolidates virtually every known web scraping technology and technique into a simple, yet powerful API to collect web data at scale. What's more, it will automatically adapt to any site changes, ensuring you’re never banned and always get your data even if your target site changes its code.

We built this to be the ultimate reliable web data collection for both large and small-scale operations.

"Data scientists and professionals do not get into data to create endless configs across multiple tools that will ultimately break and need constant, specialized attention and supervision.

Zyte API is a genuine breakthrough for these professionals as it counters virtually every anti-scraping method in current use, freeing these data engineers to focus on creating value from the data rather than herding algorithms and proxies. We have automated the tedious, repeatable tasks so that our users can focus on collecting the data and putting it to use."

Iain Lennon, Chief Product Officer at Zyte.

Built for purpose

Users can simply and effectively collect any publicly available data on the internet, avoiding virtually all anti-web scraping measures by automatically using the best, most cost-effective techniques at all scales.

At Zyte, our customers are at the core of everything we do. We want them to get data quickly and efficiently. Through a single API that automates all the repeatable and difficult tasks of web scraping, our customers can focus on driving insights and impact in their organizations.

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Zero downtime

Zyte offers per-site pricing, providing the most cost-effective solution for reliable web data collection. Cost per site is determined by the specific tools needed to solve each respective site’s anti-web scraping measures and bans.

Our scriptable headless browser more closely mimics human behavior, and increases success rates in returning data while offering you full control of its actions. You also get the most common browser actions for scraping, to save you even more time and money.

Always get the data you need – at a price that makes sense.

What's included

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How do I start?

  1. Sign up here and get $5 in free credits.
  2. Use your web browser to send your first request to a website so you check what the cost is.
  3. Follow the Zyte API tutorial to learn how to get more data.
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Websites have become more difficult to scrape over recent years, and our newest innovation represents a big step forward in the sophistication of web scraping utility.

Zyte API automatically finds the right-size features and configures itself to retrieve data from any website building your scraping stack for you in a fraction of the time previously required, only using exactly the right features and resources required on a site by site basis.  

This all saves money by only using more complex or expensive features when absolutely required, and by reducing valuable developer hours on maintenance and tasks better suited to algorithms and specialist API developers.

"The collection of web data is used every day to solve real-world problems, including providing insights on everything from business challenges, economic indicators, the spread of diseases, and even combating human trafficking.

We are unequivocal believers in the immense value that Internet data has for creating value, enriching society, and unlocking social and economic benefit."

Shane Evans, CEO at Zyte

We look forward to seeing how our customers change the world through data using Zyte API.

Check our Zyte API tutorial and get started in minutes.

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