Attila Toth
< 1 Mins
March 11, 2021

Launching the Zyte Developers Community

Zyte is launching a bi-weekly community newsletter specifically made for web scraping developers. No-fluff. Only coding stuff. Sign up here.

What is it?

Zyte Developer Community is starting off as a newsletter but we’re planning to grow into something much bigger so developers have a place to learn, discuss web scraping challenges and find answers to their questions in a safe environment. 

As a first step, we are kicking off a bi-weekly coding newsletter for developers who want to level up their knowledge and get the latest trends in the web scraping world.

Who is it for?

Developers (or managers) who are actively engaged in web data extraction projects. You might use Scrapy, Puppeteer, Html-requests, Beautiful Soup, Jsoup, Selenium, Playwright, any web scraping API, or any other tool that helps you get data from the web. This community is for you!

Why should you join?

It’s important for us, developers, to be updated on the newest trends, techniques, and tools to solve our daily challenges. Joining the community you will get the latest info on:

  • Techniques how to scrape websites
  • New open source libraries in the web scraping world
  • New web scraping APIs
  • Discover how fellow developers execute web data projects

Later on, when we will have a big enough community, we would also like to organize exclusive events and facilitate discussions:

  • Webinars
  • Slack/discord channel
  • Live Q&A sessions with domain experts
  • And more…

How can you join the community?

Our community is dedicated to developers working in web data extraction and we try to limit membership to those who we believe will benefit most. We review applications every 2-5 days, at which point you'll be notified whether or not you have been successful.

If you are interested, join us here!