Debbie Reeve Crook
4 min
June 18, 2024

Leverage Zyte API to Scrape Food Delivery Data

In the dynamic and fast-paced world of food delivery, staying ahead of the competition requires more than excellent service — it demands real-time, accurate data to make informed decisions. For data teams in the food delivery sector, Zyte API offers a powerful solution to extract, manage, and utilize data effectively. Let's dive into how Zyte API can help you tackle this industry's key goals.

Data Extraction: Running the Backbone of Food Delivery Insights

Extract Restaurant Data

Imagine being able to extract detailed restaurant data, including menus, pricing, and delivery fees, and build trend analysis with variables that impact your business, such as pricing, search keywords, sentiment, reviews, geo differences, and product placement.

With Zyte API, you can easily scrape food delivery data to do just that. This means your platform can offer customers the most accurate and up-to-date information, enhancing their experience and trust in your service. You can also use the data to provide personalized recommendations based on past orders, user interactions, and external factors to monitor the health of your brand. 

Zyte API's AI-powered extraction ensures ethically sourced data collection with compliance built into the platform. As we specialize in data extraction solutions for projects with mission-critical business requirements, our top priority is to consistently deliver high-quality, accurate data to our clients. To achieve this, we've implemented a four-layer Data Quality Assurance process that continuously monitors the health of our crawls and the quality of the extracted data. This process reviews all your data to identify inconsistencies, inaccuracies, or other abnormalities, including manual, semi-automated, and automated testing.

Competitor Monitoring

Data extraction is an invaluable tool for competitor price monitoring, allowing companies — and market researchers — to monitor the pricing of rivals' products and services. A systematic competitor monitoring process fed with web extracted data provides a powerful advantage in competitor insights to maximize revenue, market share and growth opportunities. 

Manually tracking competitors' prices that may change daily isn't practical — especially if you're monitoring the pricing of hundreds or thousands of different products. Zyte tracks new restaurant listings, opening hours, and promotions on competitor platforms in real time and automated extraction allows you to operate at scale and monitor all the competitors and see the entire competitive landscape. By analyzing vertical industry and competitor content, news and relevant information, you can identify keywords and adjust your content to improve SEO and engagement to give you that extra business edge in the food delivery sector.

AI-Powered Recommendations

Personalization is critical to customer satisfaction. AI can help food businesses gather enough data at scale from varied sources to make these recommendations and optimizations more useful to customers and business operations, such as optimizing delivery routes. Integrating external data sources like weather and traffic patterns can also help predict surge pricing, ensuring your operations run smoothly even during peak times.

Build and deploy spiders in minutes, not days.

When developers manually write and maintain code and infrastructure site-by-site, adding a new website takes days. AI Scraping using Zyte API comes with out-of-the-box spider templates, so you can click, click, crawl — as easy as that. Build 30 spiders in as little as 30 minutes, unblock sites and extract data in one automated process. It's 50x cheaper than ChatGPT 3.5, with no maintenance and schemas exclude PII and copyrighted fields, so you are assured they are compliant.

Complex Website Elements

Extracting data from challenging elements like carousels and tabs can be a headache. Zyte API presents a hosted and managed headless browser with cutting-edge anti-ban technology.

Developers can now rely on Zyte API to seamlessly handle bans, render dynamic content, automate browser actions, and generate screenshots, all without the complexities of managing your own browser infrastructure. It automatically solves the ban handling problem with added benefits of browser actions, such as the ability to turn JavaScript on/off and to use it to render pages and take screenshots.

Coverage: Ensuring Comprehensive Data Collection

Granular Location Data

Understanding location-specific product data like pricing and delivery zones down to the city or town level is crucial for optimizing delivery routes and expanding your service areas, but it is often hard to acquire. Incorrect numbers can impact price intelligence efforts, affect sales or projections, or lead to flawed analysis of trends and market position.

Zyte API's extended geolocation feature supports configuring specific locations for each spider and accessing the same website from different places to get localized content. By extracting granular location data you can make informed decisions on where to focus your efforts.

New Developments

Track new housing developments, commercial areas, and population density changes. Zyte API has pre-built schema's for real estate and business data, making it easy to extract structured data from those sources. 

Overcoming Bans: Ensuring Continuous Data Access

IP Rotation and Proxy Management

Nothing is more frustrating than getting blocked while trying to gather essential data. Zyte API's advanced proxy management system uses a large pool of rotating IP addresses to avoid IP blocking and ensure continuous data access. With Zyte API, food delivery data teams can focus on high-value, domain-specific work, not hosting and maintaining an ever-expanding infrastructure.

Zyte API vs traditional rotating proxy services

Data teams have used rotating proxy service providers for over a decade, but now there's a faster, cheaper, and more accurate way to ban handling.

Eliminate trial and error: Traditional rotating proxy services require trial and error, but Zyte API automates this with the industry's most powerful algorithms.

Automate the manual: Combat sophisticated anti-bot tech with a single, adaptable web scraping API that monitors and adjusts proxies automatically — no more trial and error.

Streamline and scale: Manage the economics of scale by always using the most cost-effective proxies and techniques for every website.

Per Website Pricing: Because Zyte API automatically adapts to handle bans per website, it's powerful enough to handle even the most challenging blocks and bans but priced so you can use it on any website.

Intelligent Throttling

Zyte API dynamically adjusts crawl rates based on target website behavior and responses. This intelligent throttling ensures efficient data extraction without triggering anti-bot defences, keeping your operations smooth and uninterrupted.

Legal Compliance

Adhering to legal guidelines is non-negotiable. Zyte’s solutions ensure compliance with robots.txt, terms of service, and other legal guidelines, providing peace of mind while you gather the data you need.  If you choose our Enterprise package you also get a dedicated compliance expert, a compliance assessment and 24/7 support with <1-hour response time as part of the package.

Expanding Data Horizons Within Food Delivery Data Scraping

Food delivery is just the beginning. Zyte API enables you to extract product  catalogues, inventory levels, and pricing across various e-commerce sites. This versatility allows you to offer your customers a broader range of products, enhancing your service offering. Want to know the latest trends and the best things? Identify new merchants and products to expand your offerings, keeping your platform fresh and exciting.

If your food delivery service is preparing to enter a new market, having access to insights unseen by your competition or building a sales and marketing database is an indisputable advantage. Or get web data to understand lead generation, competitive pricing, product placement, distribution channels, customer sentiment, and influencers. The opportunities are unlimited.

Schemas: Standardized or Customized?

You can extract the data yourselves or our data delivery team is standing by to get you the data you need quickly and accurately. We extract data for the largest companies in the world so they don't have to. Tell us about your project, and we'll handle the rest.

If you want standardized data, then we have our plug-and-play data service. We will find, extract, clean and format some of the largest datasets so you don't have to. If standard datasets don't cut it, Zyte extends and customizes existing datasets or collects unique data for your specific use cases. With our 99.99% data accuracy rate, we can work with you to drive your business forward.

Examples of Types of Data

Restaurant Locations: Capture detailed restaurant location data, including name, address, geographic coordinates, phone number, website URL, and delivery zones. This standardized data helps optimize delivery routes and customer experience.

Restaurant Menus: Extract detailed menu information, including item names, descriptions, prices, categories, dietary information, and images. Zyte API's customizable schemas ensure comprehensive and accurate menu data, making your platform a customer go-to source.

Reviews and Ratings: Collect review text, rating scores, number of reviews, reviewer names/usernames, and review data to analyze customer sentiment and improve service quality.

Restaurant Details: Capture additional restaurant details such as cuisine types, opening hours, amenities, payment options, dress code, and parking information to provide a complete picture of each restaurant.

Accurate, compliant, and scalable data extraction is essential for food delivery companies to stay competitive and deliver exceptional customer experiences. Zyte offers a comprehensive solution that addresses critical goals such as data extraction, coverage, overcoming bans, beyond food, and schemas. Using Zyte as your data extraction provider means your data team can focus on what they do best — analyzing data and creating actionable insights — while we handle the complexities of data extraction. Ready to take your data operations to the next level? 

Let Zyte API be your partner in successful food delivery data scraping.