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Product reviews API (beta): Extract product reviews at scale

We are excited to announce our next Zyte Automatic Extraction API: Product Reviews API (Beta). Using this API, you can get access to product reviews in a structured format, without writing site-specific code. You can use the Product Reviews API to extract product reviews from E-Commerce sites at scale. Just make a request to the API and receive your data in real-time!

E-Commerce product reviews data extraction

In today’s competitive e-commerce world, product reviews provide a great way for online shoppers to determine what products to buy. Hence, monitoring product reviews are important for businesses. Making use of reviews data, you can find insights in the data that can improve your decision making, address feedback, and monitor customer sentiment.

But getting access to structured web data is not easy, especially if you don’t have the right tools. With Product Reviews API, we provide a convenient way for you to extract reviews at scale from any site.

Product reviews data at your fingertips

Data fields that Product reviews can extract for you:

  • Name (name of the review)
  • Review body
  • Date published
  • Review rating
  • Is verified
  • Voted helpful/unhelpful
  • URL

More info about the fields in the docs.

You can use Product Reviews API for:

  • Building a product
  • Sentiment analysis and NLP
  • Reputation monitoring
  • Market research

Whichever your use case is, you can always rely on Product Reviews API to deliver high-quality data.

Structured product reviews data, without coding

Before our Product reviews API, you needed to write a site-specific code to extract reviews or other data. Furthermore, you also needed to maintain the code if the website changed its layout or frontend code.

With Zyte Automatic Extraction Product reviews API, you don’t need to write custom code to extract data. Our AI-based tool will automatically find all the data fields you need and extract them from the page. You just need to submit the target page URLs. Then, you will receive your data in a structured JSON format.

How to use product reviews API

Product reviews API works the same way as other Zyte Automatic Extraction APIs:

  1. Feed page URLs into Zyte Automatic Extraction API.
  2. Receive data in JSON

Be aware, only the site URL is not enough to extract the data. You need specific page URLs to use the API (Or reach out to us to get URL discovery handled for you.)

For more information about the API check the Product reviews API documentation.

Visual representation of product reviews API

Product Reviews API launch

JSON example

This is the format you should expect when using the API

[   { "productReviews": {    "url": "https://example.com/product-review",    "reviews": [      {        "name": "A great tool!",        "reviewBody": "AutoExtract is a great tool for review extraction",        "reviewRating": {          "ratingValue": 5.0,          "bestRating": 5.0         },        "datePublished": "2020-01-30T00:00:00",        "datePublishedRaw": "Jan 30, 2020",        "votedHelpful": 12,        "votedUnhelpful": 1,        "isVerified": true,        "probability": 0.95      },      {        "name": "Another review",        "probability": 0.95      }    ] }, "query": {    "id": "1564747029122-9e02a1868d70b7a3",    "domain": "example.com",    "userQuery": {      "pageType": "productReviews",      "url": "https://example.com/product-review"    } }   } ]

Read more about the fields in the docs.

Try the product reviews beta API today!

Here’s what you need to do if you want to get access to the Zyte Automatic Extraction Product reviews API beta:

  1. Sign up for a free trial here.
  2. You can start using the Product Reviews API straight away.

Product Reviews API is free for 14 days or until you reach 10K requests (whichever comes sooner). After that, you will be billed $60/month if you don’t cancel your subscription.

If you want to try the Product reviews API beta, sign up here for free!

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