Daniel Cave
4 mins
February 15, 2024

Zyte API is the Successor to Smart Proxy Manager

After a decade of dedicated service, Smart Proxy Manager (SPM) is being retired for new customers. We’re excited to introduce our flagship Web Scraping API, Zyte API, as its worthy successor — the best and only way to access ethical and industry-leading managed proxy solutions.

What Does This Mean for Existing SPM Customers?

You can continue to use SPM without any interruptions. We will continue to provide support and maintenance to ensure a smooth experience but we recommend you switch to Zyte API for your ban handling needs — it’s more capable for a much broader range of websites, it gives you access to better pricing models and many useful features that will save you time and money. Try Zyte API Free today.

Why Migrate from SPM to Zyte API?

Zyte API does everything SPM does and more. We have created one tool that’s powerful enough to be used on all websites, and priced so that it can be used on every website. 

Proxyway's findings for anti-bot protection

Independent reviews show Zyte API as the most effective way to navigate blocks and bans, and what's more, we use it ourselves to deliver billions of data points a month.

Zyte API automates huge amounts of the work that goes into finding configs that solve opaque bans, monitor success rates, and adapt to any changes. It’s a response to an evolving landscape of anti-bot technologies where we’re seeing success rates with data centre proxies falling. It encompasses all the functionalities of SPM and: 

  • Handles bans that SPM alone cannot out of the box,

  • Handles bans for you automatically by selecting the leanest configuration for the websites you access, ensuring the best price per request per website,

  • Makes use of datacenter & residential proxies and browser technologies within a single subscription, so there’s no waste and no integrations,

  • Extracts common data types with our patented AI-powered solution without creating manual parsing code,

  • Renders pages and interacts with websites using a built-in headless browser,

  • Automates browser actions with a built-in scriptable headless browser,

  • Generates full page or viewport screenshots,

  • Manages sessions and cookies to handle advanced use cases, and

  • Reports a 360° overview of all API usage and financial data.

Zyte API does all this while minimizing your coding efforts and preventing you from spending needlessly on unnecessary technology. Learn more at

How to Easily Migrate to Zyte API Using HTTP Proxy Mode?

In a nutshell, Zyte API's HTTP Proxy Mode serves as a backwards-compatible bridge between your existing proxy API-dependent code and the exceptional capabilities of Zyte API, enabling a smooth and efficient transition.

At Zyte, we recognize that many of our customers have well-established web scraping projects. With each new tool we develop, we aim to provide solutions that easily integrate with your current technology stack and create simple migration and adoption paths for you.

HTTP Proxy Mode ensures that Zyte API is backwards-compatible with scraping projects that rely on or prefer a HTTP Proxy API. You can think of Zyte API's HTTP Proxy Mode as an adapter, ready to connect your existing projects to this amazing new tech.


Can I still use my old spiders? Yes, with a few minor changes. See the documentation for more info.

Does the price change? Requests to Zyte API are priced per the website requirements, so you never overspend on proxies you don’t need, but always have the best proxies available when needed. Many websites are cheaper in Zyte API than SPM. You can estimate the costs of your projects by using the pricing calculator, providing accurate pricing for every website.

Will Smart Proxy Manager be turned off? You can continue to use SPM but new customers won’t be able to create new SPM subscriptions. We will eventually plan to retire SPM but this will be no earlier than 2025 and we will provide a lengthy notice period of when this will happen. Until that time SPM will continue to be actively supported.