Daniel Cave
5 mins
November 15, 2023

‘Set and Forget’ Ban Handling to Simplify Your Web Scraping Project

Web scraping developers often find themselves in a struggle to manage bans and blocks. Every time they resolve a ban, it's only a matter of time before their scrapers encounter the same issue again.

This constant vigilance and firefighting can become monotonous and exhausting, limiting your ability to scale up your data collection activities.

But what if we told you there's a way to free yourself from the tiresome cycle and focus on the growth and improvement of your projects? Enter Zyte API, the set-and-forget solution that simplifies ban handling and lets you reclaim your valuable time.

The Zyte API Advantage

Zyte API offers a revolutionary way to handle bans and blocks. It provides three major benefits that will change the way you approach web scraping.

1. The easiest setup: just connect to your existing spider

If you already have a spider in place, with Scrapy or another framework, it takes only a few lines of code to delegate all the ban-handling to the Zyte API.

There's no need to wrestle with custom anti-ban code or spend time trying different proxy configs and testing them to see if they work. You just route your requests through the API, and it works out of the box.

An easier setup means that your web scraping projects can now go live quicker, and start bringing results faster.

Besides the ban management configuration, you can enjoy all the other tools the API offers, like browser rendering and session support. You can also use the Cost Estimator inside the Zyte API UI to calculate the cost of the requests to scrape a particular website, according to its anti-bot technology.

2. Automatic ban management from a pool of technologies

The most significant advantage of Zyte API is that once you configure your project to use Zyte, it will automatically handle bans as they occur.

It has an automated ban detection system that reads the website’s anti-bot technology and also leverages a library of successful strategies for the most accessed websites. This library is constantly updated by Zyte’s internal data extraction teams, who handle more than 13 billion pages monthly.

When you delegate the ban management tasks to the API, you can confidently focus on other aspects of your project, whether it's adding new data sources, enhancing your scraping capabilities, or working with the data you collect.

3. Always optimized for cost-efficiency, regardless of the website’s complexity

You might be wondering if all this automation and convenience comes at a steep price. The answer is no. Zyte API is designed to use the most cost-efficient tools and techniques for each specific website.

It's less a one-size-fits-all solution, and more like a “one tool to handle all sites efficiently” solution - not as catchy, but it is incredibly useful. Zyte will adapt to the website's complexity and use the leanest set of tools to access it. This means you'll only pay for what you need, and it’s why you can rest assured it's always cost-effective.

See how Zyte API’s ban handling compares to other non-automated proxy APIs.

Try Zyte API and reclaim your time

If you're tired of getting blocked, handling bans, and losing precious time and energy on ban-related issues, it's time to give Zyte's set-and-forget ban-handling technology a try.

With Zyte API, you'll get the data you need, and you'll only ever pay for the leanest set of tech and proxies to get it.

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