Ian Kerins
3 Mins
November 22, 2018

Shubber GetTogether 2018

It’s hard to believe our annual Shubber GetTogether is already over.

2018 has been a great year at Zyte , so there was no better way to cap it off than with a company retreat in Lisbon, Portugal.

This year 120 Shubbers travelled from all over the world to meet up, make new friends and celebrate what we’ve done together over the past year.

What made this GetTogether extra special was the fact there were so many new faces this year. Over the last year 40 new Shubbers have joined the Scrapinghub family to help us better serve our clients. So for many Shubbers, last week was the first time they got to meet their team members in person.

Zyte Town Hall

As a 100% remote company with such a large and growing team of Shubbers scattered all over the world, it is very important for us to make sure everyone knows where the company is heading.

Throughout the first two days we held a town hall where we had great talks by the newly formed senior leadership team recapping everything that has happened in the last year and outlining our future plans for the next year.



We got to see the product roadmap for 2019, showcasing the exciting new products in development and the new features we will be adding to Scrapy Cloud, Crawlera and Splash.

Throughout the week numerous workshops were organised to discuss everything from remote working, our company values, open source, etc. Giving everyone the opportunity to share their thoughts and ideas on how to make Scrapinghub a better place to work.

Company Values

At the 2017 GetTogether, we started to define our company values with a series of workshops. The ideas from those workshops helped us work internally to refine and test them within the company until we had a set of values we were happy to announce at Lisbon. The Shubber Values Squad ran a workshop to allow everyone to give their thoughts and reactions before they became official.

With that I'd like to announce that Scrapinghub's company values are:

  1. People First
  2. Grow Fast, Grow Together
  3. Open by Default
  4. Own It
  5. Results Matter
  6. Do the right thing

In a upcoming blog post we'll talk about these company values in detail.

Customer Panels

This year us Shubbers got a special treat. Three of our enterprise customers joined us and participated in a customer panel to discuss their experience of working with Scrapinghub, how they use web data in their businesses and how Scrapinghub can help support their businesses even further.

This was one of the highlights of the town hall, as it gave everyone (especially Shubbers that aren't customer facing) a chance to see how integral Scrapinghub is to the success of these customers and the impact future product improvements will have on their businesses.

And of course, it wasn’t all work and no play.

Team Bonding

While we worked hard over the week, the retreat was filled with laughter and memories in the making.

Most of all, it was a time to bond with our fellow Shubbers and share in the passion that binds us all together.

If there is one thing Shubbers know how to do better than web scraping that is having a good time!

There was plenty of fun and games throughout the week that have bound us together as a company.

We explored Lisbon for an afternoon and there was plenty of singing and dancing on our many nights out.


However, all good things have to come to an end. By far the worst part of the GetTogether was having to say goodbye. But look on the bright side, it’s only 355 more days until we all get to meet up again!

If you’d like to be part of the Scrapinghub team and go on the next GetTogether then be sure to check out our open positions.