Himanshi Bhatt
3 Mins
August 19, 2021

Web Data Extraction Summit 2021

*For information on 2022 Extract Summit visit this link*

The year so far has been quite interesting for the Web Data Extraction industry. As more and more companies are realizing the power of web extracted data, the demand for web data is rising quickly. This exponential growth and need for web data have driven many innovations leading to the development of new tools and techniques that have revolutionized web data extraction making it faster, more accurate, and more reliable.

Extract Summit 2021 is a great opportunity to stay up-to-date with these latest advancements and understand the new ways in which people use web data to drive business. It is also a fun way to interact with the community and meet new people who are just as passionate about web data as you are. Mark your calendars, 30th September is the big day!

We loved that last year almost 3000 data lovers signed up for the event and we got to hear about the data extraction experiences of people all over the world. We had speakers from all corners of the world who shared their unique stories on extracting and making the best use of web data. This year is also going to be a free-to-attend, live, and virtual event.

In fact, this year, we’re kicking it a notch up! We’ll have a dedicated event platform that will allow you to directly interact with the speakers and even chat with other attendees. We’ll also have an amazing panel of legal experts in web scraping and an AMA (ask me anything) session where web scraping experts will answer any technical questions you have. You’ll also get a chance to attend workshops and live-coding sessions! There’s also going to be a special session by Brian Gallagher & Damian Clark who will add a little comedy and laughs to the day.

It’s just a few weeks until Extract Summit 2021 and as the final pieces come together, we’re delighted to introduce you to the speakers for Extract Summit 2021!

Speakers for Extract Summit 2021

This year we have lined up a few amazing talks covering some very unique and interesting sectors. Some of the talks include Rain Leander's session on flipping the tables from SQL to NoSQL to NewSQL. Niall Hurley, CEO of Eagle Alpha will talk about alternative data demand and supply factors Linus Nilsson, founder of NilssonHedge will share his experience of scraping financial data.

The audience-favorite Mikhail Korobov will be talking about scraping 20 websites in 3 hours. The Head of Data Science, Konstantin Lopukhin, will give an interesting talk on measuring data extraction quality.

We will also hear all from Joshua Odmark, CTO at Pandio, as he takes us through adaptive learning and we have a very interesting talk about using web data for content-centric advertisements from Kabir Fahria at Adlede.

Pawel Miech will speak about everything you ever wanted to know about headless browsers but were afraid to ask and Evgeny Slaikovskoy will shed some light on the review and evolution of anti-bots. Abhijith HK, founder, and CEO at Codewave will talk about web scraping and design-thinking to build data visualization dashboards.

From advanced-level scraping to real-life tips on extracting data at scale and the endless ways web extracted data can be used, Extract Summit 2021 covers it all! So make sure you register to attend and benefit from the knowledge and experiences of some of the best minds in the web scraping and data extraction industry.

Check out the full agenda here.

Hope you make it to the Web Data Extraction Summit 2021. See you on 30th September!