Alistair Gillespie
3 Mins
September 13, 2022

Web Data Extraction Summit 2022

We couldn’t be more excited with the fourth edition of the Web Data Extraction Summit being just two weeks away. 

After two straight years of going virtual, our upcoming edition will provide the opportunity to meet in person again. And this year it’s going to be in London! 

Join us on September 29th at the iconic County Hall, in London. A unique location with breathtaking views over The Houses of Parliament, Big Ben, and the London Eye. 

The event will explore the power of web data and its impact on business innovation and growth. Providing a space for the open web data community and industry to come together to learn, be inspired, and innovate together.

Exclusive Access

Web Data Extraction Summit 2022 will present Zyte’s newest technology release providing the world with a new standard for reliability and ease of use in web data extraction.


  • 13 talks - real stories with real experiences and real insights. 
  • 14 speakers - hear from industry experts as they share their knowledge on extracting web data and using it in innovative ways. 
  • 200+ industry attendees - including engineers, data scientists, CXOs, project managers, and more. 
  • Networking opportunities - we’re back in person this year bringing to you tons of opportunities to interact with other web data experts.
data extraction summit
Data Extraction Summit Highlights

The Web Data Extraction Summit is the perfect opportunity for anyone who wants to learn about the latest advancements in web data extraction.

More details on the Extract Summit full agenda and special guest speakers

Who will attend?

Over 200 expected attendees will see real-world implementations of the Zyte platform and derive insights from experts and colleagues during this years data extraction summit.

These include engineers, data scientists, and CXOs looking to understand the developments in state-of-the-art web data extraction and business use cases

This will be a great space and opportunity to meet industry thought leaders and connect with them in person or even virtually. Providing an exclusive opportunity to network with the world’s leaders who are achieving success in utilizing and architecting open web data.

What to expect?

Business executives attend the Web Data Extraction Summit looking for the most recent trends and developments in data extraction will learn web scraping best practices and how web data helps market research to create competitive advantages. 

In-depth use cases will be presented to demonstrate how they can be applied to help improve business strategies that add value and drive sustainable growth.

Main Themes

  • Scaling your web scraping - learn to web scrape at scale with technical talks that help you overcome challenges around quality, scalability, and accessibility.
  • Ethical web data extraction - learn how to scrape web data respectfully. Hear all about web scraping best practices and ethical use cases.
  • Innovation in web scraping - web scraping is the tool that gives companies and organizations a competitive edge. Find out the innovative ways in which businesses use web scraped data.
  • The future of the web scraping industry - AI, machine learning, and automated data extraction, what will the future of the industry look like?
Web Data Extraction Summit 2022 - Come join us in London!

Hear from industry experts as they share their experience and knowledge on extracting web data. Through featured talks, the conference offers an overview of what the future holds for web data extraction, its benefits, and how it can be used in various industries. 

These panels will help further educate professionals about best practices and what the future of data holds. 

Featured Talks

Zyte CEO, Shane Evans, will kick off Web Data Extraction Summit with a keynote titled “The State of the Web Data Industry in 2022”, which delves into the trends and challenges of the data extraction industry. With an in-depth examination of current technology and an outlook on the future. 

This will be followed by a series of talks delivered by various web data innovators, product managers, and Zyte experts, sharing their experiences and insights in the industry. With the goal of educating, informing, and inspiring other professionals.

We're looking forward to seeing everyone there and sharing our latest innovations with the community!

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