Attila Toth
< 1 Mins
May 21, 2021

Zyte Developers Community newsletter issue #4

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In this issue:

  • FastAPI and web scraping
  • Build a stock data API
  • Making Selenium unblockable
  • New open-source proxy tool

FastAPI and web scraping

FastAPI is a high-performance web framework that allows you to build APIs. It’s also used in some web scraping projects to build web scraped data APIs. Watch this video tutorial series on Youtube if you want to learn how to combine web scraping and FastAPI.

Build a stock data API

Yet another tutorial that uses FastAPI and web scraping. This time, the author, Sean Dutton-Jones, shows you how to build a RESTful finance API using web scraped data with Requests and BeautifulSoup.

Making Selenium unblockable

Selenium is a popular tool to scrape the web. Even though sometimes it can be overkill to use it, if you need to work around difficult antibots it can be a good choice. In this tutorial, you can learn 10 ways how to make your Selenium-driven browser fly under the radar.

New open-source proxy tool

Cloudproxy is a recently open-sourced python tool to help you use proxies in your web scraping project. It allows you to “spin up a pool of proxies using popular cloud providers with just an API token. No configuration needed.” The tool has a simple API and even a UI.