Welcome to Zyte Data

Onboarding for your Zyte Data project. Providing you with high-quality data to achieve your business goals.

Lets get started

Contract signed

Now that the contract is signed, we’re officially ready to get started. Here’s a short summary of next steps:

1. Project Setup: Your project has just been handed over to our data subscription setup team. Your project code is being created (also referred to as spiders) and the first data delivery is scheduled. 

2. Start Date: Your project will start upon 1st payment receipt. We usually start within 2-3 days of payment receipt, which may change depending on workload. 

3. Recurring subscription: If you signed up for a recurring subscription, your project will be moved over to our data maintenance team and they will take care of your pre-agreed periodical deliveries.


Let's stay connected

We use a single channel for communications in the Data Subscription team - the Zyte Support Center.

In order to communicate project progress we use a ticketing system as described below. These tickets will be created by us and your team will be copied. You need to create an account to get access to the Support Center.

Project ticket

One overall ticket that tracks the project details. This will include items like:

  • The status of the overall project

  • Subscription details

  • Delivery details

  • Project updates

  • Anything that is not specific to a certain website/spider

Child tickets

One ticket for each of the spiders/domains being implemented. This will be used for:

  • Keeping the conversation focused on one specific topic 

  • Exchanging sample data & gathering your feedback on it

  • Providing you with regular updates

The steps to perfect data

1. Pre-initiation (after signing the contract)

2. Initiation

3. Development

4. Data extraction

5. Internal Quality Assurance (QA) and Data Delivery

6. Subscription activation (Optional)