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Welcome to Data Subscription

Thank you for choosing Zyte for your data needs.

What happens next?
Providing you with high-quality data to achieve your business goals.

Onboarding guide below for your Data Subscription project.

contract signed

Contract signed. Lets get started

Now that the contract is signed, we’re officially ready to get started. Here’s a short summary of next steps:

1. Project Setup: Your project has just been handed over to our Data Subscription Setup Team. Your project code is being created (also referred to as spiders) and first data delivery is scheduled.

2. Start Date: Your project will start upon 1st payment receipt. We usually start within 2-3 days of payment receipt, may change depending on work load.

3. Recurring subscription: If you signed up for a recurring subscription, your project will be moved over to our Data Subscription Team once implemented. They will take care of your pre agreed periodical deliveries.


Let's stay connected

We use a single channel for communications in the Data Subscription team - the Scrapinghub Support Center.

In order to communicate project progress we use a ticketing system as described below. These tickets will be created by us and your team will be copied. You need to create an account to get access to the Support Center.

parent ticket

One over-all ticket

One overall ticket that tracks the project details. This will include items like:

- The status of the overall project
- Subscription details
- Delivery details
- Project updates
- Anything that is not specific to a certain website/spider

child tickets

Child tickets

One ticket for each of the spiders/domains being implemented. This will be used for:

- Keeping the conversation focused on one specific topic
- Exchanging sample data & gathering your feedback on it
- Providing you regular updates.

The steps to perfect data

1. Pre-initiation (after signing the contract)

contract signed

Contract Signed

The contract has been signed and the Data Subscription team is aware that a new project in on the way.

we will get in touch

Invoice paid

We will be in touch once the invoice is paid, to inform you about the estimate project start date.

2. Initiation

Once the invoice is paid, the lead of the project will contact you to communicate the following:

start date

When the project is estimated to start


A high level timeline


Any other relevant information/questions

3. Development

Development work has started. This means...

data sample

Sample Data sent

Sample data is sent to you once the first version of the spider code is ready


Customer Feedback

We will communicate to clarify any questions about the data to be delivered (schema) or other technical details we need to sort out


Regular Updates

Regular updates will be provided in the support centre on both your Project ticket (every 3 days) AND your
Spider ticket (every 2 days)

4. Data extraction

Data extraction has begun. This means...


Sample Data Schema Approval

Schema has been approved by you


Full crawl is started

We’ve started crawling for the data you have outlined.


1st data delivery for approval

- Test the data quality. 'Does it adherence to the schema
- Monitor spider code configuration
- Check for coverage. Ensure that all required records are being extracted


Regular Updates

Updates on the full crawl progress will be sent to you every 2 days

5. Internal Quality Assurance (QA) and Data Delivery

Almost there. Our team have been working hard. We’re at the end...

crawl complete

Crawl complete

Full crawl has been completed.


Quality testing

Internal QA consisting of automated and manual testing is performed by the Data Subscription QA team on the full crawl.


Errors fixed

Legitimate reported issues are fixed; the Data Subscription QA team determines that the dataset is of acceptable quality to be delivered.


Data Delivered!

All Data has been delivered to a the agreed destination.

We will notify you!

You will receive an email notification with a list of urls to download the data.

6. Subscription activation (Optional)

Meet the Data Subscription Delivery Team

If you have a Data subscription with us, your work will be managed with the same care and attention by our Data Subscription Delivery team.


Muzaffar Yousaf

Main subscription contact

Get in touch

Juanse González

Escalation contact

Get in touch

All future work will be handled through raising tickets. This is the ticket lifecycle...


First response

- Developer allocation
- First analysis
- Next communication



- Progress
- Next communication
- Update in ETA



- Problem resolution
- Code review



Validation from our QA team



Close the ticket

Need help?

Not quite sure what to do next? You can always escalate the issue to one of the team.