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News data extraction

Automatic Extraction
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Extract machine-readable news data at scale with just a click

Scraping news data at scale, with optimal quality in +40 languages has never been easier.

Insight ready schemas that minimize the time to value from news data by up to 90% compared to custom manual extraction. Delivered by a reliable and always-on service with 99.9% uptime; 24/7, 365 days a year.

Zyte Automatic Extraction supports a comprehensive list of article and news data fields. The output is delivered directly to your AWS S3 bucket or anywhere else you need it.

Data specification

  • Headline
  • Article body
  • Article body HTML
  • Data published
  • Date modified
  • Author
  • Language
  • Main image
  • Images
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Description
  • Video URLs
  • Audio URLs

Output example

    "article": {
      "headline": "Article headline",
      "datePublished": "2019-06-19T00:00:00",
      "datePublishedRaw": "June 19, 2019",
      "dateModified": "2019-06-21T00:00:00",
      "dateModifiedRaw": "June 21, 2019",
      "author": "Article author",
      "authorsList": [
        "Article author"
      "inLanguage": "en",
      "breadcrumbs": [
          "name": "Level 1",
          "link": "http://example.com"
      "mainImage": "http://example.com/image.png",
      "images": [
      "description": "Article summary",
      "articleBody": "Article body ...",
      "articleBodyHtml": "<article><p>Article body ... </p> ... </article>",
      "articleBodyRaw": "<div id=\"an-article\">Article body ...",
      "videoUrls": [
      "audioUrls": [
      "probability": 0.95,
      "canonicalUrl": "https://example.com/article/article-about-something",
      "url": "https://example.com/article?id=24"
    "webPage": {
      "inLanguages": [
        {"code": "en"},
        {"code": "es"}
    "query": {
      "id": "1564747029122-9e02a1868d70b7a3",
      "domain": "example.com",
      "userQuery": {
        "pageType": "article",
        "url": "http://example.com/article?id=24"
    "algorithmVersion": "20.8.1"

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