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News scraping API features and benefits

News and article extraction quality is vital for successful analyses and insights into brand awareness, product launches, topic and sentiment research, and keyword trending.  

Zyte provides AI-powered data extraction of news and article data at scale, with the highest data quality on the market.

All the essential fields are extracted automatically: headline, article body (text of the article), cleaned HTML of the article, publication date, authors, images - you can find an ever-expanding list in the documentation.

Zyte Automatic Extraction news API supports a comprehensive list of metadata types and with the output delivered directly to your AWS S3 bucket ensuring flexibility to evolve with your needs.

Zyte Automatic Extraction has the best news API

Zyte uses deep learning to extract articles and news data from web pages. It understands what to include and more importantly what to exclude: links to related content, share buttons, ads, and other unnecessary information, leading to 4 times more precise and clean data when compared with top competitors.

The quality of our solution is validated not only by rigorous studies, but we’re also hearing it from our customers as well:

News API categories of extracted data

  • Headline
  • Article body
  • Article body HTML
  • Data published
  • Date modified
  • Author
  • Language
  • Main image
  • Images
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Description
  • Video URLs
  • Audio URLs

News API example output

    "article": {
      "headline": "Article headline",
      "datePublished": "2019-06-19T00:00:00",
      "datePublishedRaw": "June 19, 2019",
      "dateModified": "2019-06-21T00:00:00",
      "dateModifiedRaw": "June 21, 2019",
      "author": "Article author",
      "authorsList": [
        "Article author"
      "inLanguage": "en",
      "breadcrumbs": [
          "name": "Level 1",
          "link": "http://example.com"
      "mainImage": "http://example.com/image.png",
      "images": [
      "description": "Article summary",
      "articleBody": "Article body ...",
      "articleBodyHtml": "<article><p>Article body ... </p> ... </article>",
      "articleBodyRaw": "<div id=\"an-article\">Article body ...",
      "videoUrls": [
      "audioUrls": [
      "probability": 0.95,
      "canonicalUrl": "https://example.com/article/article-about-something",
      "url": "https://example.com/article?id=24"
    "webPage": {
      "inLanguages": [
        {"code": "en"},
        {"code": "es"}
    "query": {
      "id": "1564747029122-9e02a1868d70b7a3",
      "domain": "example.com",
      "userQuery": {
        "pageType": "article",
        "url": "http://example.com/article?id=24"
    "algorithmVersion": "20.8.1"

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