Smart Proxy Management

Part of Zyte API

A rotating proxy service managing hundreds of thousands proxies.

Tired of getting blocked? You're in the right place! We automatically select the leanest set of proxies and techniques to keep your crawl healthy.

Automated Site Unblocker

Zyte API vs traditional rotating proxy services

Data teams have gone to rotating proxy service providers for over a decade, but now there's a faster, cheaper and more accurate way to ban handling.

Eliminate trial and error

Traditional rotating proxy services require trial and error, but Zyte API automates this with the most powerful algorithms in the industry.

Automate the manual

Combat sophisticated anti-bot tech with a single, adaptable web scraping API that monitors and adjusts proxies automatically. No more trial and error.

Streamline and scale

Manage the economics of scale by always using the most cost-effective proxies and techniques for every single website.

Fastest Proxy API

One API for unblocking and extraction

Zyte API automatically uses the best methods and the leanest tech to handle bans for you on a site-by-site basis. Our automated proxy manager manages hundreds of thousands of proxies, so you don't have to.

  • Data center and residential proxies

  • Geographic proxies

  • Self-monitoring and healing tech

Per Website Pricing

Powerful and exponentially cheaper

Because Zyte API automatically adapts to handle bans per website, it's powerful enough to handle even the toughest blocks and bans, but priced so you can use it on any website.

Bonus: Having Zyte API handle bans reduces time writing site-specific code and the trial and error of ban handling.

Easy Migration

Backwards compatibility from proxy APIs built-in

Whether you’re starting a brand new project, or looking to improve an existing stack, Zyte API can be accessed as a Restful API or as a traditional Proxy API via proxy mode. Learn more in our migration guide.

Lowest Cost of Ownership

Unburden yourself of proxy costs & maintenance

Zyte API handles your infrastructure, so you can focus on changing the world. Building legacy debt and maintaining scraping infrastructure rarely adds value to your business.

With Zyte API, teams can focus on high-value, domain-specific work not hosting and maintaining an ever-expanding infrastructure.

Automation First

Eliminate the need for website-specific proxy code

Nobody learns to code to troubleshoot blocked websites and fix opaque bans. Send Zyte API your website, and it will do it all for you.

Don’t let handling bans manually bog you down in trial and error, or reduce your ability to add more sites due to maintaining fragile, legacy ban-handling tech.


Only pay for what you use

We know your projects are unique, we don’t force you into a “package”. Instead, we price Zyte API around you. Below we’ve shown some examples, based on extraction complexity.

Unrendered HTTP response - price per 1000 requests

Website TierWebsite DistributionTechnologyPAYG$100*$350*$1000*

Data centre proxies

Residential proxies


PAYG (Pay As You Go - up to $25/month)

*monthly commitment

Rendered browser requests - price per 1000 requests

Website TierWebsite DistributionTechnologyPAYG$100*$350*$1000*

Data centre proxies

Residential proxies


PAYG (Pay As You Go - up to $25/month)

*monthly commitment