Splash Headless Browser is Now Zyte API

Turn JavaScript heavy websites into data

Zyte’s Splash Headless browser is now a part of Zyte API, an all in one web scraping API that connects your headless browser with the world most advanced anti-ban technology.

Whatever Splash can so, Zyte API can do better!

JavaScript rendering made easy

Render pages at any scale

Scrape Javascript generated content from web pages at scale and take screenshots of the page for specific applications including data quality assurance.

Lightweight browser

Speed up your crawlers with a dedicated node for rendering JavaScript that’s separate from your crawler.

User behavior

Simulate user behavior with custom scripts via Lua scripts when behavior is too complex to replicate in your crawler.

Faster rendering

Process multiple pages in parallel, turn OFF images or use Adblock Plus rules to make rendering faster.

What’s new?

Did you know that now headless browsers can now be accessed via Zyte API and they come with a library of pre-made automations?