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splash headless browser

Headless browser designed for web scraping

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The power of our headless browser

Turn JavaScript heavy websites into data

Lightweight, scriptable headless browser designed specifically for web scraping that enables you to render, interact with and extract data from modern Javascript heavy websites.

splash headless browser
Great for web scraping

JavaScript rendering made easy

Render pages at any scale

Scrape Javascript generated content from web pages at scale and take screenshots of the page for specific applications including data quality assurance.

Javascript heavy
websites made easy

Lightweight browser

Speed up your crawlers with a dedicated node for rendering JavaScript that’s separate from your crawler.

Super speed
with this headless browser

User behavior

Simulate user behavior with custom scripts via Lua scripts when behavior is too complex to replicate in your crawler.

like behavior

Faster rendering

Process multiple pages in parallel, turn OFF images or use Adblock Plus rules to make rendering faster.

features to help you crawl faster

Easy integration

Our headless browser integrates seamlessly with Scrapy, Scrapy Cloud and Smart Proxy Manager.

integration with our other tools
Working with the world

Trusted by data driven organizations

mercado libre
warner music group
Your integrated web data extraction partner 

Scales with your project

open source headless browser

Open source

The Splash headless browser is an open source project created and maintained by Zyte (formerly Scrapinghub).

splash headless browser

Hosted Splash Headless Browser

We offer a hosted version using a SaaS model that enables you to access a dedicated Headless Browser instance via an HTTP API.

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Smart pricing

Pricing built for businesses of all sizes


Ideal for small web scraping projects

Per Month
1 x CPU
1.25GB RAM
24/5 support


Ideal for large scale web scraping projects

Per Month
2 x CPU
24/5 support


Ideal for scraping the web at enormous scale

Per Month
4 x CPU
24/5 support


Ideal for unlimited scale & custom needs

Per Month
Unlimited CPU
Unlimited RAM
24/7 Support

A simple and fast way to run your crawls

Zyte provides a simple way to run your crawls, which is especially useful for larger projects with multiple developers.

Jacob Perkins - StreamHacker.com