A crash course in automated ban management — set it and forget it

If you’re knee-deep in proxies, you don’t have to be.

Get better data collection results quicker with a modern scraping strategy and a single tool to maximize your operation efficiency in web scraping.

In this webinar, we will share a powerful combination of strategy and technology that you can apply to any web scraping project for rapid kick-offs and faster scalability, getting control over bans as your projects grow. In this online session, you will learn:

  • Why the quick-winning MVP structure is the best way to gather support and resources that add momentum to the web scraping activities.

  • How Zyte API’s automated ban management can be easily configured on existing spiders.

  • How Zyte API technology operates when facing website changes and new anti-bot strategies, keeping the data flowing even for hard-to-scrape websites.

Join Daniel Cave, Head of Product Marketing, and Adrián Chaves, Python Developer, in this online session for developers.