Navigating compliance, bans and maintenance to supercharge your web data extraction team

Automation + Expertise: The enterprise data collection one-two punch

Build, break, fix, ban, unblock. Rinse, repeat. This endless cycle has plagued data teams and their productivity for years. Some throw software at it, some outsource it completely.

In this webinar Iain Lennon, Zyte Chief Product Officer, shared a new way for in-house Enterprise data teams to select the right software to manage large extraction and scraping workflows, and paired expertise to ensure compliance on a global level.

The opacity of scraping laws and the complexity of battling bans and proxies at scale make it more important than ever to build a data extraction process powered by the one-two punch: Automation and Expertise. The result? A supercharged data scraping team.

We have the playbook, and we want to share it with you.