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Web data extraction: The build in-house vs outsource decision


Attila Toth
Technology Evangelist

Building and maintaining a web scraping infrastructure can quickly become a burden for your company’s existing engineering team. Eventually, most companies face the decision of whether they should double down and hire dedicated web scraping engineers or should they outsource their web scraping to a firm that specializes in web scraping.

Webinar Preview: Web Data Extraction

In this webinar, we intend to help you identify the best solution to your scaling web scraping requirements. Our Technology Evangelist, Attila Toth, discusses the challenges of web scraping, when you should build your web scraping team in-house and when it is best to outsource your web scraping projects.

What you will learn in this webinar:

  • How to evaluate your web scraping requirements
  • When to build an in-house team
  • The risks of in-house web data extraction
  • When to outsource your web scraping requirements

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What's inside:

  • How web data extraction can help your e-commerce business
  • Everything you need to know about price intelligence data
  • Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Winter sales - How to make the most of the shopping season
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