Web Data Maturity Model

Presenting Zyte's Web Data Maturity Model

At Zyte, we work with hundreds of customers every day on the subject of web data extraction, and the web data maturity model. Through this experience, several things have become clear:

  • Many users are very early in their Web Data journeys and are not clear on how to get going.

  • Many organizations don't know how they benchmark against the best of breed in the industry and their peer group.

  • There is a gap in what has been documented regarding best practices.

  • Organizations such as Gartner and Forrester have not yet created frameworks for the web extraction world.

  • Existing solutions are often a patchwork of tools, technologies, and teams.

  • Other solutions have evolved organically and incrementally over time and are unwieldy.


To address this gap, the product team at Zyte has conducted interviews with approximately 40 customers over the past four months to understand their needs, pain points, and maturity levels in getting the data they need to support use cases, including competitive analysis and pricing decisions. With the main goal of expanding on the web data maturity model.

Webinar: Web Data Maturity Model

In this webinar, our Data Product Manager, James Kehoe, presents a data maturity model to help organizations evaluate how they benchmark against industry best practices and decide on the next steps.

This webinar will be of particular interest to those interested in putting web data to work to drive growth, along with Data Science and Business Intelligence leaders.

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