How to integrate Zyte data with +60 services, databases or APIs using YepCode

Using Zyte and YepCode together to quickly create automations and test new ideas

By integrating Zyte API and Yep Code, we open a fast, low-friction new way to build powerful automations with web data, connecting Zyte to more than 60 data tools.

Learn how to collect data from any website quickly and easily using Zyte API, and then use Yep Code to store, process and act on that data using Javascript/Python in a browser-based cloud environment. This creates a seamless process from data extraction to post-processing and beyond.

What we'll cover:

  • Short introduction to Scrapy, Zyte API and Scrapy Cloud

  • Short overview of YepCode Cloud

  • How to implement a JavaScript YepCode process to fetch information from a bookstore website and notify devs about pricing and price changes

  • Q&A


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